Blanks vs Lee

No lie stormseek is my tag.

You are lying. I didn’t rage. I didn’t go off or spam messages. I sent a message, joking " mash, mash, mash". I remember clearly. I was home with my buddy and we were laughing at you. After the first round of mashing I bet my friend that you wouldn’t stop. I purposely dropped combos and stopped block strings just to see if you will still do it. You did and we were on the floor rolling. After baiting, you would still did it. You even mashed during air tight chains because of lag. That only works online. I wasn’t even mad, it’s xbl and hella funny. You can keep booting me if you like. I won’t learn anything from you, you won’t give me a challenge and I won’t have fun playing.

Hit me up whenever

I’m not gonna argue but you did spam back and forth. And you probably made this thread after I beat you.

That was last week. This thread was made in July. If you want to ft 10, I would love to destroy you and prove my case. You can mash all you want.