Blast City vs Net City


I have the opportunity and cash on hand to buy my first cab. The seller has a couple of Net Citys and Blast Citys. Each of them is going for $750. They both have the stock Nanao MS-2931 monitors. It will mostly be used for fighting games but I also want to play House of the Dead on it. It will just be used for Dreamcast until I get some systems and PCBS.

The NC is JVS but I’ve read that going from JVS to JAMMA is easier than the other way around. It will be easier for me to set up when I get more games in the future. On the other hand BCs are more in demand.

Which one would you choose in my situation?


Personally, I like the look of the Blast City way more.


I would ask your self

What is the condition of the wiring in the cab now?
What is the most of your boards is going to use, are they JVS or Jamma?
There are JVS to Jamma adapters so you want to factor that as well.

Keep in mind not all JVS boards are made the same, some have on board audio amplification and some will need a audio amp somewhere in the cab.

The Nanao MS-2931 is a Tri-sync monitor so what ever you to run would work with the monitor.


If I’m not mistaken, aren’t Blast Cities JVS as well? It’s the Astros that are JAMMA.


Correct, Blast Cities tend to be JVS as stock and the Astro is Jamma.
But cabs are subject to modification and rewiring by the operators over the decades as cabs are often re-purpose for other games.
So the cabs Keif has now may not be how they originally were when stock.

For the actual value, having the cab body is good condition/ close to mint as possible is more important than the wiring inside.
That the Candy cabs are not busted, cracked and need of fiberglass repairs and there no or minimal yellowing of the plastic is more important for the cab’s resell value than the wiring.

A good cab owner/operator will evaluate the wiring, and if the wiring is not up to snuff its better to replace entire wiring harnesses than too deal with bad wiring.
Especially when you get to the mains voltage going to the power supply, flyback transformer, the monitor and any ground wires.
If that wiring looks cracked, worn or damage in any ways its better to play it safe and replace the wiring.


Blast City! Only because I used to own one and loved it!


Assuming both are equal cosmetic quality, blast city hands down.


Thanks for the advice. I went with the Net City. The Blast Citys weren’t in bad shape but had some minor burn in. The Net City is damn near flawless.


We want pictures!


I’ll update with pics as soon as i get it. Freight was cheaper than renting a uhaul and driving it halfway across the country.


I understood it really depends on a number of conditions, how far are you driving, how much you are getting your truck for,
Also most shipping offers their own insurance.


Finally got it. I don’t know how to post pics so here’s the album.




Im a little late but you should have went with the Blast City! I dont care for Blast City cabs but they are the most diverse cabs & if you’re going to just get one cab then it would be that. Not only is it tri-sync but if you have the 001 loom, you can play jvs & jamma without switching out wires.