BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Bttle Royale

This is a thing that is happening.


All I gotta say is. WHERE’S MAH CHIBI TAGER!!??

Sometimes I hate Japan so fucking much.

Looks like more fun than BlazBlue.

lol ouch. I like BB but understand it’s not for everyone. I think this game looks pretty dumb to be honest…

This game looks like Power Stone to me. As long as there’s some GIGANTIC TAGER! then I’m good to go.

I saw the title and thought it was a troll thread. After watching the video, I wish it was.

lol, same. Also, who the fuck actually has a DSi?? You can’t even play GBA games…

Either way it is still depressing.

how is this even real

Mother of god.

It really does make no sense whatsoever, considering BB wasn’t even released on a Nintendo console.

Welcome to about 8 months ago.

Wow, the title led me to believe it was some type of parody. I remember seeing something about Arcsys making a BB game for the DS a while back, but I didn’t know it was a goofy party game.

LOL this looks sick. Fat princess/Blayzbloo. :rofl:

Game needs more Smash Brothers vs. SNK. Everyone needs a good crossover :slight_smile: