Blaz Blue tourney time?

Heya I saw that Arksys or whatever will be running a unofficial tourney… I couldn’t find anywhere that mention what day and time signups are at. I personally don’t have my pools till the 2nd part of the day and im sure I’m not the only one that doesn’t wana miss signups.

Thanks if anyone knows

Tournament Info:

This is an official tournament that will be held and sponsored by Aksys Games in conjunction with Evolution 2009 at the Rio Casino and Resort. There will be a total of 3 different tournaments being held during the weekend of Evolution. They are listed below:

PS3 Consoles
You must bring your own sticks as we will not provide them for you.

Rules: No Unlimited Chars, Game set to Console Version. Button mapping is allowed before the match begins. If one of the players interrupts the the game during the round by pausing the game or guide button the round will be forfeited by that person to the opponent.

Type: Singles
When: Friday, July 17th
Signups: Start at 9:00am; End at 10:30am SO BE PROMPT!
Tourney: Starts at 11am SHARP
Entry: $5/ per person
Format: 2/3 Matches, Double Elimination
Pot: 70/20/10

Type: Teams
When: Saturday, July 18th
Signups: Signups at 9:00am; End at 10:30am SO BE PROMPT!
Tourney: Starts at 11am SHARP
Entry: $15 per team
Format: 3 man teams Pokemon Style (Winner stays Loser switches out). You must keep the character you started the tournament with. NO SAME CHAR TEAMS ALLOWED!
Pot: 80/20

Type: Invitational Exhibition Match
When: Saturday, July 18th
Tourney: Starts after Teams Tourney
Format: 5v5 Region Invitational Pokemon Style.

This is an invite-only exhibition match between different Regions: SoCal, NorCal, Texas, Midwest, (more coming soon).

Everything you need to know.

will this be streamed somewhere online?