Blaz Blue US Location Test (Los Angeles Anime Expo) - 7/3 - 7/6/08

See some of you there?

Just curious where is this quoted from?
Also, wow.

movies are needed…

Official press release from AKSYS.

Wow this is pretty cool. Its quite refreshing to see Japanese fighting game developers giving the western world loke tests for up coming fighters.

Geuh~…why’d it have to be at a con…Oh well it’s still good news, maybe if it generates enough interest they’ll do it again…maybe some place where I won’t have to pay an entry fee just to play it.

Great news man :rock:

guess i’ll be playing it then. nice surprise!

Makes me wanna go to AX now, too bad I’m broke as fuck. :frowning:

Having it at an animu con is kind of @_@ though, mainly because the line would be unnecessarily long with animu fags. :shake:

lol. yeah i can see the lines being huge. i’ve been going to ax for a while now. i’m not into anime but my friends are HUGE otakus. we have fun there anyways but now i have somewhere to go and play BLAZBLUE!!! this is better than waiting for HD video of this game:cybot:

Lucky. =(

I’m going, 100%. I need a room, however. Anyone willing to room 4-5 people for some $_$?

i cant wait to hear some actual english impressions of BB, aksys is fucking cool for doing all this shit with arcsys games.

play sg when you are there :]

Seeing this almost instantly made me not interested again. :bluu:

HOLY SHIT! i will be there omfg

when im not selling art i will be playing this game




Oh, there is a thread on this, SWEET!!!

I was going to cancel Anime Expo this year due its being in Los Angeles, but now I have no choice but to go this year :tup:

Expect Otaku Cosplayers Cosplaying as the characters of BlazBlue, even though they will never play the game!

Hahaha, yeah. And please bring some vids, whoever is going. Oh, and up them on vreel instead of youtube, I want to see a little bit of the quality of the game :smile:

its official, Aksys must be the ArcSys US Branch

they are so close its scary and awesome at the same time

@_@ fuck all you Califags…and by fuck all of you I mean, I’m fucking jelous