Blaz Blue US Location Test (Los Angeles Anime Expo) - 7/3 - 7/6/08

I’m gonna just say fuck the Otakus, bring that shit to EVO. /wishful thinking

A much better idea, at least we will learn to play it faster than some Otaku randomly mashing buttons!

But sad that Aksys will chose AX over EVO because of this particular game that they think it will appeal more to Otakus :arazz:

Not all GG players are Otakus!!

Stickied the thread, thanks to markman for the heads up.




I’m glad its at the Console Gaming Room, if it was displayed at the Exhibition Hall it would be a nightmare!!!

Awww fuck, I hate living in the otaku ghetto. Chances of this coming to, say, Youmacon are next to nil.

I hope this means that Aksys plans on publishing, say, a console release!

It’s been confirmed that there will be a US release of BB, but no further details have been released (to my current knowledge). I think it’s safe to say Aksys is going to be publishing the US release of BB.

Damn, I hope they pass out BB Flyers or any other BB goodies at AX!!

I’m going to take lots of pics and movies :bgrin:

i wish i could comment.

wiz, starting up the hype machine with his vague posts… =D

hahah that pretty much confirms that rumor

aw man you’re killin me man killin me! I seriously dropped a brick in me trousers!

Yeah, I heard some really fucking insanely crazy ass rumors that BB will be at Evo. Ofcourse, you didn’t hear this from me.

if it’s gonna be in AX of all places, i don’t see why they’re not planning on taking it to Evo

hi im pootnannies i cant read inbetween lines


If Wiz won’t comment I will…

does a headspin



Not that I’ll be able to make it Evo anyway…double ;_;

I can’t wait to see & or play this game!:smile:

I would comment that the otaku crowd is bigger and more willing to blow money on BB than the fighting game crowd.