BlazBlue 2 way training/level up thread

Sup guys.

The purpose of this thread is to just discuss characters that you want to learn with someone else that mains them, in exchange for vice versa. It’s a hassle really trying to understand a character in this game, and going back and forth in threads isn’t as quick as just talking to someone 1 on 1. So without further ado, I’ll start the form.

SRK/PSN : MangetoManiac for both
Main : Litchi
Sub : Noel
Skill level : Fairly knowledgeable enough with Litchi. Basic Noel, just B&B and careful rush.
Background history : Originally a marvel player, migrated to SF then now here to BB.
Location : VA
Strengths : Doesn’t follow tendencies if they’re not working, fast learner, good poker
Weaknesses : Long periods of rush down
Wants to learn : V-13, Ragna, Jin, advanced Noel, and Hakumen
Instant messenger : AIM - GoldSamuraiArmor

So just post up and if you see a player you want to discuss the game with, hit them up. That’s how it should work :smile:.


XBL gamertag: stack1tup
Main: NU
Subs: Carl, rachel, noel

Skill… just started 2 days ago… but i have 52% winning average

MagMan, you going to be online tonight? I definitely need help with the Rachel/Litchi matchup. I’ll be on from like 6:30 till 11 or so, hit me up.

Edit: fuck you’re on psn. Nevermind. Offer still open for xbl players, especially Litchis, Nus and Tagers.

Sounds like fun imo :smile:

SRK: EvilRyu1481
PSN: Remedy1481
Main: Noel
Sub: Litchi /Alucard(haven’t decided :confused:)

Location: Bronx, NY
Skill Level: Above average, has the potential to go further with the right training method. Open minded to any suggestion :smile:. Basic Noel B&B

Learning Goal: wants to learn advanced Noel techiques/combos and other characters (i.e. Litchi/Alucard) to fit my playing style.

This game is damn confusing. I need some practice.

Gamertag: jackzenith2010
Main: Ragna

Location: San Jose, Ca

I main Nu and could definitely stand to work on the Rachel matchup. Add me.

I think I’ve played you a couple times over the past week. I just called it a night, but I’ll be on tomorrow for sure.

SRK/PSN : Esjihn/GenMA
Main : Ragna
Sub :JiN
Skill level : Above Average Ragna I know lockdown blockstrings vs barrier guard and vs people with out barrier guard (ragna WILL break you if you are caught in a block string and no barrier.)
Background history : tekken1,2,3,tag,4,5,5dr,ST,3s,alpha,cvs1/2,GG,MeltyBlood, SFIV, others.
Location : FL
Strengths : RTSD Ragna, can play Defensively too, combos, links, hit confirms, vs other chars exp
Want to learn: Bang (expert only)
Instant messenger : AIM - GQLadiesManGQ

Hm, I don’t recall playing you, but it’s possible. Anyway, I’ll go ahead and send a request.

SRK/PSN : Malfury for both.
Main : Litchi
Sub : None
Skill level : Knows quite a bit about mixups and practical combos.
Background history : KoF, Garou, ST player. Now BB.
Location : Sacramento, CA (soon Toronto, Canada)
Strengths : Fast learner and good instincts.
Weaknesses : Being pressured in corners.
Wants to learn : Rachel and Carl.
Instant messenger : MSN: Joyfuldoom%hotmail*com

Send me a PSN invite anytime. :stuck_out_tongue:

Main : Jin
Sub : Undecided, but leaning towards Taokaka
Skill level : I wouldn’t say I’m good by any means, but I have all of my moves down, the main thing I need to work on now is stringing together my combos a little bit better.
Location : Chicago

anybody with XBL that’s on right now want 2 train against Nu if so add me:


Main: I play Rachel and Noel, not sure whom to main still so I’m learning both.
Skill: Uhhh I just got my copy earlier today so definitely not so good.
Want to learn: Rachel and Noel.
Location: Toronto, Canada.
Instant Messenger: AIM: vivalakal84

if anyone wants to practice im down on XBL

SRK and XBL: kilabeep3.
Skill: i dont know yet im learning new stuff everyday so i think im your average scrub right now.
Want to learn: Hakumen, ragna, tager
Location: houston, TX

if anything i need practice against rachel and V13 because those are the matchups i need help work on.
( and one of the worst matchups for bang i think)

SRK & PSN: Surllio
Main: Arakune
Sub: V-13
Skill: Some arcade experience with the game, some online play. Mostly just practice and score attack. Looking to get past that “ugh” wall between knowing what to do and knowing how to do it.
Wants to Learn: Arakune better. Litchi for eye candy and fun stuff.
Location: Rossville, GA

if u need some good Jin practice get at me

XBL: Rudebwoy64
Skill: as of now…pretty damn good
location: S.Florida

Still working on getting Litchi’s combos down with consistency! any Litchi pros come get some

SRK & XBL: NHKchan
Main: Litchi Faye Ling
Sub: Ragna
Skill: some practice online, mostly training
Location: TO, ON

SRK: Monte_
XBL: quartercircleHP
Main : Noel
Sub : Hakumen (for now)
Skill level : B&B with Noel, some intermediary techniques, careful rush, patience
Background history : SF2 in 1991, SF2T, SSF2T, Alpha 3, EX 1 & 2, 3rd Strike, Tekken 3, Soul Calibur 4, Last Blade 1 & 2, Garou: MoTW, KOF 96 & 98, Waku Waku 7, Bloody Roar, Samurai Shodown 1-5, etc.
Location : Richmond, VA
Strengths : Poking, dashing, setting up for combos
Weaknesses : Not enough drive strategy, too much poking
Wants to learn : Hakumen, Tager, Jin, Litchi
Instant messenger : AIM - Montegrano

XBL: Sileighy
Main: Jin
Skill: Meh…
Location: Houston, TX
Weaknesses: everything
Instant messenger : AIM - LumXingXing

Need some help with improving my Jin game, if anyone can help me that’ll be great!

XBL GAMER TAG: Yukinari Sasaki

Main: Arakune… 0_0
Subs: Taokaka / Lichi [not sure yet]
Extra: Iron Tager [lol]

Got the best and the worst in my lineup :slight_smile:

AIM / ICQ#: 14776321
[just use it for either program]

Xfire nickname: Sho Shuto

Strengths: thick skin [Get razzed on alot online, and I’m not a sore loser, I just move on to the next match]
mechanical [I’m not unpredictable enough for the monster mixup characters]
Weaknesses: predictable [that’s what happens when you move like a precise machine
bad at anti-air control. Need to work on my vertical space fillers

Location: Chicago… for those of you who care about ping etc.