BlazBlue 32-Player Single Elimination Tournament

Destructive Nature Tournament #2

Sign up for the tournament here! (Must be registered)

Players: 32
Type: Single Elimination (limit of script)
Description: The rules here apply to the tournament scheduled for July 31st.


Number of Rounds (Rebels): Best 2 out of 3
Number of Matches: Best 2 out of 3
Round Time: 99 seconds
Astral Heats: Enabled
Unlimited Characters: Disabled
Easy Specials: Disabled

[LIST]Grand finals are 3 out of 5 matches.[/LIST]
[LIST]Winning player may not switch their character.[/LIST]
[LIST]If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.[/LIST]
[LIST]If the players do not agree on a background music within 15 seconds, the match will be random music select.[/LIST]
[LIST]In the event of a rule violation stop the match immediately and discuss the situation with the opponent and/or the tournament administrator. If you continue to play, you are essentially validating the rule break and permitting it.[/LIST]

1) You are free to play your match anytime after the tournament has begun. Report the winner/loser to the provided thread. This rule does not apply to the Semi-Finals & Finals.

2) For Semi-Finals & Finals only: Time will be arranged between players and administrators for recording purposes, please be online at your scheduled time.

3) Please open the ports for your Playstation 3 if you are using a router. This allows for the best connection and synchronization possible for game play.

4) If the game has an unusual amount of latency we will be testing latency to a Tournament Administrator to determine where the problem is located. If a player is having consistent latency issues, said player may be disqualified at the Tournament Administrators discretion.

5) Clean matches. No one likes to listen to a poor sport. Don’t kill the mood.[LIST]

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

at what hour will the semifinals and finals be hosted?

We’ll make it so it’s convenient for the players. It’s not set yet.

Ok then count me in.

Here’s a current update on the tournament spots.

Playstation Network - 10 out of 32 spots filled.
Xbox LIVE - 26 out of 32 spots filled.

Still need a lot more competitors before the 31st!

hell, ill play

I’m in.

i will play!

I’m in! :smiley:

Im probably in depending on hours :<

Please sign up here if you want to play, thanks a lot for the interest guys. Really appreciate it.

We still need 4 players for the PSN Tournament.

Alright. I think I might be able to do this tourney. I’ve signed up.

Looks like the bracket is full… I guess I’ll look out for the next one…

10 stars you better win.