Blazblue 360 , any way to correct Brightness/Contrast in the games options?


hi SRK members , im having a problem running Blazblue on my Astro City with viletims adapter…

the image is too dark , sure theres a black level POT to adjust but that doesnt work on my Astro due to a clamp

also theres a Contrast POT that helps but still not perfect

i was wondering if in the games options theres Brightness/Contrast/Gamma sliders ?

i have gone through the options and found some sliders but dont know what they do due to i cant read Japanese


Wait, if this is a Astro Cab with a 15hz monitor

How bout using the same trick that used to get scart images brighter on NTSC SNES and PlayStation Consoles and put a 220u capacitor on each of the Red, blue and green lines.


hi Darksakul , yes thats right …

i just checked my 360 Scart cable and it doesnt have Caps on the RGB lines so im going to add some and see how that goes

thanks for the tip