BlazBlue and KOF XII to PC

Any piece of information about the possibility of having these games ported to PC? Actually, the original arcade hardware is a PC, so there shouldn’t be reasons against, unless the don’t want to affect the sales of console versions.

KOF XII console sales are poor. a quick PC release would only add more sold copies at this point.

Here’s the BlazBlue for PC petition at Aksys Games’ (BlazBlue publisher) forum. You could register and post your support for a port there, I suppose, along with an email, perhaps. I don’t have any other information at this time.

There were rumors about a XII pc release at some point… Guess it was just rumors though.

Aksys did put GGXX#R on PC, so Blazblue shouldn’t be completely impossible.

SFIV PC was pretty well recieved right? Based on how many plays online, it must have sold decently.

If KOF 12 came out on pc it would win the “most downloaded in south america EVER” award on Spike TVs annual video game awards hosted by samual l jackson.

Correction: “Most pirated game ever in south America” award

well thats what I meant but have you ever seen a pirate eat a (insert spicy and intensely flavored food here). Though I guess plenty of pirates on the seas to the east partake in (insert noodle or rice dish here) so there is no need to exclude anyone. Yarrr!

Dont expect a bb pc release, their main market is japan where it would not be worth the effort at all

As for effort, any game that is on Type X(basically a PC) or 360(basically a PC), which is true in both cases for BB(I think… gotta check), can very easily be ported to PC, I think.

I was more referring to liscensing and production cost, not to mention gg#r got pirated like mad which doesnt help the cause

KOFXII is meant to be coming to the PC as KOF World via Shanda Games and will be targeted at asian territories.

My guess is as good as yours as to whether this will actually be KOFXII the game or a spin off, but this shouldn’t be confused for the other kof based mmo “KOF Online” by Dragonfly studios which is a 3rd person brawler affair.

Press Release here:

licensing what exactly? also production cost should be very low for obvious reasons…

the piracy issues are artificial because most console users would still buy the console version (since they obviously like to play on consoles) rather than pirate the PC version and have no online play

If the console versions failed, the PC versions would do far worse.

Not neccesarily. I believe a big piece of the KOF fanbase is on the PC. What with emulation and all.

Still, I don’t expect PC versions to be made. It’s sad.

im pretty sure it wasnt Aksys…

Whoops, well… Arc System.

Well, we will get BB on the PC eventually… once BB2 comes out and arcade systems can be gotten at low cost.

Depending on the encryption, this should be a quick… emulation. If you can even say that, at some loketests BlazBlue ran off a laptop with a dongle!!

Let’s just wait, maybe we will get a regular release anyway at one point.

man i came into thread expecting this shit to be announced or something -_-

You should of put a question mark in the thread title, so I didn’t have to read this disappointment. :frowning:

Yeah I had to check outside my window make sure no flying pigs and that hell hadn’t frozen over…

As a long time PC gamer I can say without doubt that BB and KoF will ever come to PC as a full retail game… We are fucking lucky we even got SFIV

an emulated form will probably show up for both however…