Blazblue Battle x Battle for DSi Ware


It was announced on this week’s Bururaji (Blazblue video podcast) when they were talking about the new stuff coming out next year, like the drama CDs, soundtrack and Blazblue PSP.

The game is going to be 500 points and is going to be released in January, before Blazblue PSP. It’s a 4 player royal rumble style fighting game with ad-hoc multiplayer, that looks a bit similar to Powerstone. The cover has five characters (Rachel, Jin, Ragna, Noel, Taokaka) so those may be the only characters available in the game. Sad no Tager or Bang or Litchi. :frowning:

Link to the podcast:

The footage of the game is shown at the 37 minute mark. I think at 34 or 35 they show off the CDs plus Blazblue PSP too.


Ah, link is broken. I wanted to see this.


More Blazblue love huh?

Interest +1


Sounds cool! Link isn’t working, though.


link should hopefully work now


Alright, it’s working. Watching now.

EDIT: Seeing the game so far, it looks pretty fun for what it’s worth. The other swag a couple minutes before also looked kinds cool.


Sounds a bit interesting. PSP Blaz I’ll probably get first though.


Andriasang did a write-up after I showed him the link for it, so here it is!


Sounds like a Power Stone clone… and thats just fine with me.


you can never have enough power stone. Hope the stages are more populated than what was shown.


I hope it’s nothing like that mediocre GG brawler they released on DS some time ago…



what the fuck does battle x battle mean


Umineko yaoi doujin involving cloneing?

This looks interesting, but hope it has more characters, Rachel needs a place in it dammit! (Wonder if it will follow the story in any way or just be some crazy non-cannon thing.)


No Tager = :sad:

It is only 5 dollars though. Hopefully it won’t be as shitty as Guilty Gear Dust Strikers



Unless I misunderstood your post. :sweat:


Why buy it if it doesn’t have Hazama or Jubei?


It’s only 5 dollars AND it’s DSi ware. These two points should be bringing up tons of red flags.
I wouldn’t expect much.

If it’s good, it might pave the way for companies to start actually trying with DSi Ware, though. That would be nice.



Just because she has a place doesn’t mean she dosen’t need it…



I agree with others on hoping it doesn’t suck like Dust Strikers.

I also hope that if it really doesn’t have Tager or Haku-men, they make a sequel that does. How adorable would Chibi Haku-men be swinging that huge blade into people’s skulls?