BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking and Discussi



You know what to do!


Yeah I have it I’ll hop on soon first day I got whooped . Peace guys.


GGs, angrylobster and Inverse.

I gave you a little write-up on our matches in the Nu thread, Inverse.


Gonna be in on this shit.

On pad :frowning:


How do you gys have this shit, im upset. :frowning:


AlterGenesis, if you’re playing Nu I’m definitely going to hit you up for some practice. Looking at my recent history with Nu I really need to figure out something to do against her with Tao :tdown:


GGs to Blicen. Jeez, tight Noel, you’re right, STL’s going to rock this game hard.


I think I played Pervert Q and angerylobster earlier today. GG’s.


So glad I got my stick fixed for this. Loving this game more than any fighter I’ve ever played.


GGs to anyone i played


Good Games to all that I played. I like this game, it’s SUPER awesome! so hit me up anyone for some good games.


The lag pretty good in this game? No HDR kicking people out of lobbies?


Best netcode I’ve seen in any console game. Next to no lag unless you just have a complete shit connection.


Looks like I’ll be playing SFIV offline more often now.


GG’s to all I’ve played with my scrubby Tager

And honestly I have had the best online experience with this game out of any console fighter.


GGs to ECsubbie, your Nu’s a monster lol :tup:


GG’s to Tokubetsu and EC Subbie. My Bang is still scrubby as hell but it gets the job done! :tup:


GG’s to Blazblue (that’s his xbl name)…

Also, just a question, is moving up levels in player matches move over to ranked mode?

Also, I agree this has been the smoothest online experience out of any game I’ve played


GG’s to everyone i played these 3 days. A special mention to fubarduck’s Carl and Pulsr’s(sp?) Hakumen. Best matches i’ve had online.