Blazblue Casual Nights

I want to start something up for all BB gamers out there.
Every night I would always set up a room and name it SRK. I get a full room most of the time. What I want to do is to start Casual Nights for who ever is willing to look for fellow SRK’ers to play.

Heres how it will work. Leave your gamertags here and add who ever you like.
Or, you can find the “SRK” room if Im playing online.

I want to start Casual Nights every night or so. I want a couple of dedicated BB players who are interested to start a room or 2 (depending on how many people are interested) So we set up the rooms as SRK 1, SRK 2, etc…You get the point.

We can maybe make the rooms private so we wont have random people joining. But we would have to add each other.

So depending on how many people are interested, I will be making the “SRK” room every night around 7 PM EST to whenever lol. If there are alot of you who are interested, then Im looking for people who would want to create another room (SRK 2, 3, etc…)

So if you are interested leave your GT here:

Once we have more than 6 people interested, then any volunteers who would like to start up the other rooms, then please say so.

I hope this would become successful. If it does then maybe we can have some online tournys going on with each rooms like the best players on SRK 1 vs SRK 2 LOL. Just a thought.

Any other ideas? Leave them here.

I just moved to college so I need new people to fill the void left by my old group :stuck_out_tongue:

gt is : Sigmal

I’ll be on in about an hour hopefully, I have some dorm meeting I have to go to.

EDIT: I’m having trouble getting live hooked up here for some reason. I’ll get on tomorrow night for sure though.

Alright bro, see you then. Well run a couple games.

anyone else interested?

I’m logging on right now for a while.

I don’t have my mic though so no talking :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry we couldnt play yesterday bro. I had people over and we were having a little fun tourny lol. Tonight for sure though, Ill be on.

Cool, I’ll try to make it on again.

Add me! I just switched to maining Taokaka, so expect some scrubbish play from me for a while… :bgrin:

I’m interested. My GT is TW Legz :slight_smile:

Anyone playing tonight?

I’ll play im usuallay always on my tag is drunkshot23

I’m up for it GT on the left.

Yeah Im def interested. GT is my name.

oohh get me in this pls, GT DaMoney21 i love BB its so fun, and i only have 1 friend to play with so i get lonely BB wise. Im getting on now if anyone wants to play hook it up

I’ll hop on tonight. Add me if you’ll be on:

I’m down if any of you guys wanna play, my GT is KayinKiske.