Blazblue CE


Picked this up the other day after seeing it online, anyone playing this and what are your opinions?

I’ve previously loved old school fighting games from years ago, but amfairly new these days

my favourites were always SF2 and Ranma 1/2 back in the day


I picked it up in late 2015 and it’s been fun. The presentation, Character designs. Once you learn how to block some of the nonsense your opponents throw your way, things will you get better for you

But I have a few gripes . I’m not a fan of how someone is allowed to perform a 30 hit combo with no resources. Coming from Guilty Gear where you need meter to land the high damaging stuff. it felt overwhelming

I also don’t like how the game rewards mashers. I even notice some of the high level players i go up against doing it.


Also, don’t ever throw in this game. It’s useless imo.


I was going to pick up until I found it would get another revision. I did play the previous versions, but I still prefer GG Xrd.


see, i have only played it briefly and a lot of the block stuff seems overly complicated to me

why have a block, a counter, a reversal, barrier blocks…

but i also agree with someone who posted above, i managed to get to the final fight on story mode in one credit and then got demolished by the final boss, part of it was me spamming 2 or 3 moves that i knew worked, and part of it was me just hitting buttons inbetween the combos i knew


Just picked it up yesterday on Steam. The tutorial…wow, talk about comprehensive. I just went through the general ones, but it will probably take a long time to get comfortable with all those systems, mechanics, etc. Plus the massive story mode, plus abridged versions of previous BB games, plus the ms litichi joke thing, and some other remix I haven’t checked out. The game is so loaded with stuff and modes, I’m impressed. Played a couple matches online and it feels really good too.

On to the game, I am such a beginner I never played any of the other BB games and haven’t even decided on a character, but from my early experiences…the game is very fast, favors aggression and being active (something I like a lot), and combos are big. Like GG, the characters all feel very different, something I appreciate. Also feels like each character will take a ton of work to get good with, and since they are so unique the overlap isn’t going to be as much compared to many other fighting games.

Enjoying it immensely, thusfar.

As for sequels, there will only be one more. Central fiction is supposed to be the final game…but a US console release likely won’t be til sometime next year, as the last arcade revision is only hitting this month and the japanese release will likely be several months later.


I’m still pissed that they messed up Rachel’s lobelias in this version, not sure how strong she is relative to the rest of the cast now but she was more fun to play even when she was straight up ass in CS1.


I just faced off against an veteran Rachel player last night on the steam version, they proved to be undefeatable in my present state.

Whats wrong with the new lobelias? They where effing me up in that match. I noticed they can now turn into little bats that home in on you.


Pressing DF to sweep your opponent with Ragna feels so odd. I rarely use it.


You used to be able to link the lightning activation afterwards to keep opponents blocking or to use in combos, all her bnb’s in every version up to chronophantasma used it.

I think you even used to be able to hitconfirm into some decent damage from a fair distance away thanks to that.

It’s been a while since I messed with BB but IIRC the bats just make you more susceptible to being blown around by wind, they weren’t worth the trade off imo, even if Rachel is probably at least better than her BBCS1 incarnation now she just doesn’t feel as fun to play anymore.


BB is one of my main games, but i REALLY hate how much they keep changing things so often. I’m the type of person that likes to pretty much perfect everything in training mode before i actually play against real people.
I spend hours/days grinding combos, block strings and okizeme and then after all that hard work they make an update for the game and change the properties on the moves, which makes all that time i spent practicing USELESS.
I don’t mind if they ADD things, but CHANGING things is where the problem is. I’m assuming they do it to keep the game “fresh” but you can still do that without changing how the characters play.
If a character REALLY needs a buff or a nerf then ok, that’s completely understandable, but changing things to the extent they do is unnecessary.
These days i don’t bother putting too much time into BB, I just grind basic stuff and auto-mode flow chart everything, until they release a final game at least.


As an experienced BB player, any tips for someone completely new to the series?


Well i haven’t watched much of the latest version of the game, but if you’ve ever played games like GG or Melty then you won’t have a hard time adapting to BB. It’s a fairly combo friendly game, but most characters can’t do much midscreen without meter, so being in the in the corner is huge in this game. I’ve heard people say BB is a more neutral heavy game and i somewhat agree with that, unless your playing a lock down character because throws are too easy to react to, so you have to force people to respect you and condition them during block strings a lot more.


What is Ragna’s best button up close? It seems most of his stuff gets beat out.


I kinda gave up on BB do to how drastically they change the characters. I played Tager throughout all the games and I don’t like some of his changes made him harder to play than older versions.


That damage though.


Dat damage is all he ever had going for him. I would kill to be able to cancel or faint heavy sledge