BlazBlue Central Fiction

Arc System Works announced a new BlazBlue game it’s called Central Fiction! XD

I found a pic on Twitter, Nine might become a playable character!

I’m not sure what to think about the HUD so far. I mean, it certainly could be worse. I just hope they don’t decide to keep lowering Noel’s damage, because it’s kind of irritating to do a long combo that does 2.7k, only to see other characters do much shorter combos that are in single digits for number of hits and are doing 4k+.

Also, while Hibiki’s the guy with Kagura, I’m not sure who Naoto is.

The HUD -could- just be a placeholder. We are presumably kinda early in the process.

Naoto is apparently from some… VN or something, I don’t even.

Way too early to speculate anything about individual characters. But I am kinda excited.

One thing I do know about Hibiki is that he’s a rip-off of Seth from Under Night In-Birth. Look at the pictures on this tweet.

Lol, the 4 on the right don’t really make me think of Seth at all. The left 4 do have some similarities though.

They’re probably both based on some other character.

“based on” sounds sortof absurd when you don’t even know how he plays. “Contains homages to” is closer.

Well, unless he’s saying bits of their appearances are based on another character, but I get the feeling that doesn’t matter.

Famitsu reported that Central Fiction is the FINAL chapter of BlazBlue. Also, new mechanics Exeed Accel and Active Flow explained. And lastly, two new characters’ info revealed.

BlazBlue Central Fiction location test footages.

Liking the new blood fighter boy.

ASW better give us some big news about this game. It’s been 26 days since they gave us big news.

It’s not coming out for like 5 months, what do you want?

SuperKawaiiDesu shares his info and impressions about BlazBlue Central Fiction.

SKD said, “If you’re trying to hold out for Central Fiction, play Chrono Phantasma right now.” Because Central fiction feels similar to Chrono Phantasma (at least in his opinion).

Also, just throwing it out there but it looks like Noel has a new Distortion that looks a bit like Aigis’ Instant Kill from P4A. I’m digging it.

Long time no see guys! BlazBlue Central Fiction will be released in arcades in Japan in November 19! Here’s an arcade opening!

Hello! Anybody here?!

Most people interested in BB probably saw that video last week when it came out and was on the front page of this site and stuff. So not much to say. :peace:

Nine Gameplay Reveal Trailer