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@Mylzileto Awesome, do you know what gamepad he was using? My biggest gripe with gamepad controllers is that the little plastic cross inside keeps breaking, and once it does, it becomes hard to do even DP inputs.

I see your point, speaking of new characters, I’ve seen people on other forums talking about somebody named Cajun being a DLC character next.


Couldn’t tell, it was at a weird angle and I’m not terribly familiar with them, I usually just use what comes with the console. That said I’ve heard good things the stock ps4 pad, and I’m sure a bit of digging could find you something that’s a bit more durable if that’s what you’re already using. I hear (but but have not tested, don’t have it) that the specialized Pokken controller works on ps3 and pc.


I see. Anyways, I’m using a PC gamepad that happens to work on PS3, although I hear that BBCF tournaments are ran on PS4, so I’m trying to figure out what to do: get a PC to PS4 converter or just buy a new controller for PS4, even though I don’t own the system. It’s a cheap Tomec controller, but has the best dpad I’ve ever used, as well as being extremely lightweight.

If this had a 4 button face version, I would have gotten it, since I hear good stuff about it:

There was even a Blazblue limited edition version of it:


Can vouch for the quality of the fighting commander pads, they’re good stuff. As for the face buttons, not really sure why you’d be against having another L1/R1 option? Unless you’ve got giant hands I can’t see them ever getting in the way or pressed accidently with the way the pad is designed…


Well, I’ll give the only 6 faced buttoned gamepad I have a chance again, I just can’t combo properly the last time I tried it. My index fingers handle the left and right triggers for instant grabs or the left which has a four button press mapped to it. That leaves the thumb for handling four buttons on its own, so with six face buttons, I keep hitting the R1 and R2 buttons with my thumb, as well as the fact that my thumb wouldn’t be able to handle 6 buttons all at once by itself if I fully mapped it.

Anyways, I found the missingno level, anybody else seen this?


isnt he out with the update for consoles already? no one with a first impression of the update?


New Hibiki is fun as shit, does that count?


I ended up getting this controller 3 weeks ago. The non-BB version of it though.

It turned out to be the best gamepad I’ve used. So far, the dpad hasn’t broken yet like with previous controllers, and I’m able to input commands with a 100% rate(other controllers, due to the broken dpad, would only register commands at a rate of 30% to 60%, which would lead to a lot of losses.


WTF did they do to Hibiki?


Some of the things they did to him include:

  • changing some properties of his j.D attacks
  • giving him an aerial version of his DP
  • letting him do j.214A out of 236A’s leap thing
  • letting him do 236AB, 236AC, and 236AD in the air, with j.236AA becoming his j.214A instead of the knives
  • 236AC/j.236AC (Izuna drop) does more damage the higher up you are)

Letting him do his 236A series in the air is huge as it lets him do say j.236AB off of the first hit of 6C midscreen, or after j.6D in corner for example.

As well, it lets you do things such as “AA 2C>sj>j.B>j.C>jc>j.B>j.C>j.236AC” and the like, though some routes require using say 5C as well or instead.


BBCF 2.0 and Jubei coming to Steam in 2 days.


faster then expected, thx for the info.


seems there are quiet a bunch of issues which they have to fix.
will wait till they got that done (pc)


Having zero issues here.
I’m loving the changes to Bullet’s drive and Flechette Engage. Now I can launch into j.D, combo into Snap Hand > Flechette and the opponent will be close enough to continue comboing. I haven’t found a good combo ender though besides 2B > 5B > j.C (it doesn’t seem you can combo again into j.D but it was to be expected), maybe I should just go for Afterburner.
I’m a little more disappointed about the new gatlings into D, I thought it was a guaranteed combo but there is still a gap. Unless I’m missing something her drive is probably still gonna be anecdotical.
I’m gonna drop my money on ninja cat soon to see how he is.

P.S. the game also has a 33% discount on Steam.


I wanna get into this game.
is there a dedicated forum for BB?

found Dustloop but that place seems kinda dead…


I think most people have gone to the Discord, which they’ve found from the Reddit as a result, honestly speaking.

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Never mind my “Goodbye” post; SRK forums will NOT shut down. Woo!


Well at least I see Jubei is on PC now even if I never get it.