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okay…well…maybe they put all the other titles as seperate entrys into the game files but no one knows…really dont know why its so big on pc than.


Combo Breaker 2017 - BBCF Grand Finals: PG|SKD vs. CO|Dogura


Moved to the BB forum.


thx again.
pc version got a update.

v1.05 Update (June 21st)
The following new features have been implemented in this update:

● Added more options in “Anti-alias” and implemented “Blur Filter”, under “Display Options”.

  • Users may adjust these settings to suit their play environment and/or for better game graphics.

● Added “Render Resolution Setting” under “Display Options”.

  • For users who may be experiencing low frame rates or slow game speed, you may wish to set this to “Low” for better game performance.

● Separated the “Button Settings” for “Battle” and “Menu” controls.

  • You may now set the key bindings as how you would prefer it.


It really looks better now. Just tried the game after the update.

But still no players on PC.

On PS4 you have these big region lobbies, where you can always get a match.


i took a break since tekken came out but before that i had no issues to fill my lobby with people in europe.
ranked seems to be death.


I would join you but the sale discount is not that impressive and I can’t harp on enough about that file size being too big.


Ok, maybe I was online at the wrong time, will try again soon. Because I still haven’t really played the game, too busy with T7 and SFV atm.

Yea the file size is crazy. Makes no sense at all.


Played some matches yesterday in a lobby with someone from SRK (I don’t know his name here), but it was fun, connection was smooth and other players joined the room as well. Had no laggy match at all out of like 20.

But I definitely need to learn more about Nine. I am still too random.

He’s DLC, right?


most likely , i doubt we will get him for free.


I got the PC version, this game plays amazing online. I usually just leave an “entry” in ranked and do other stuff while I wait for a match. Usually get a match in 10 minutes. Trying to learn how to use Naota and need to check what new stuff they gave Ragna since I’ve been out of the loop for a while.


i would go for the rooms instead.
you get matches there much faster!


And there’s always the discord for finding people if rooms/ranked are slow:

side note: Install the regionlock fix from THIS mod if you havn’t already. Most of the lobbies it’ll open up for you will be 0 bar (but not all!), but even those tend to be playable half the time as long as you let the connection sync.


Jubei looks damn cool like he should be. A rushdown character with counters, rekkas, a slow projectile to get in and an install super that last for the entire round? Fuck me, I need him. Even his theme song is cool AF.



"v2.01 Online lobby now LIVE! (Dec 7th)

The much anticipated Online Lobby is now LIVE! You can now access the Online lobby feature via Network Mode!
The Online Lobby is a network feature which allows players to join to a universal lobby to interact with other
players from all over the world using their custom avatars. Please note that online battles are still ultimately
peer-to-peer connection based.

We have also carried out the following bug fixes to date. We deeply apologize for all the inconvenience caused:

  • Fixed all of Jubei related contents
  • Fixed all noted v2.00 UI misalignments
  • Fixed all noted v2.00 display and text issues
  • Squished some bugs causing the game to crash upon specific actions performed in battle.
  • Slight adjustments were made to certain characters which were found to have erratic behaviors during specific actions, as follows:


Form TWO: Demon Fox in air (214B)
Fixed an issue where the move does not execute properly in specific circumstances.
Divine Form (236D or 214D in air)
Fixed an issue where the move does not execute properly in specific circumstances.
Fissuring Slash (in Immovable Object: Lotus) (236A)
Fixed an issue where the move does not execute properly in specific circumstances.
Fissuring Slash in air (236A)
Changed attack property from Mid to High.
Twin Guardians: Mourning Shore (236236D in air)
Changed attack property from Mid to High.
Fixed an issue where Jubei cannot follow-up with more attacks upon Rapid-Cancelling at a specific timing.
Shiranui: Steel (D after Immovable Object: Lotus)
Allows for input buffering now.
Fixed an issue where Jubei was able to perform the move more than once while in a single jump state.


n to infinity (Astral Finish)
Fixed an issue where Arakune turns translucent in certain circumstances after the move has ended.

Fixed an issue where Bullet was able to perform the move more than once while in a single jump state.


Megalith (214A)
Fixed an issue where the game would crash upon performing this move in a very specific scenario.
Dancing Dual Kick (236B)
Fixed an issue where certain parts of the move's special effects remain on the screen upon doing specific actions.

Thank you for your patience. Please enjoy your play."


I should really get off my lazy chair and look for mods to adjust the file size. I already know there are similar mods since an associate had to mod the game on release to even make it run right.


in tekken you can just delete the movie files and safe something around 20-30 gb.
i am pretty sure something like that is here possible too.


BlazBlue: Gentrification? D:


Hey, I’ve gotten use to the Dreamcast style controller somebody reccomended on here, thanks! Also, tell me how my level of mastery with Naoto is right now? My footsies have become good enough that I can hold my own against Pro Players now. D:

Here are some of the combos I use, I even got one that is “100%” damage. : P Although its the last in the video, right after the lame grab combo that does 7k, I should have put that one last, since it only works on noobs, but I think my final combo has potential if I adjust somewhat. The other two of the latter are just for clearing out noobs in online play. : P