BlazBlue characters on facebook

Interesting thing I’ve found:

hahahaha thats amazing!

lol…thats funny!!!

I loved that Jin is the one who pokes on the side…
Rachel users don’t actually love that Jin pokes so much…
actually, it’s quite obnoxious…

Wow, that’s actually a really good parody. I’m surprised, and a little happy. Anyone know who did this?

lol loved this, i imagine thats all Hakumen would have on his wall too haha.

lol too funny

I want Bang’s facebook now.

Oh wow, I love Tsubaki’s hat though T-T

aww i didnt see any rachel >.>

She’s making fun of Hazama halfway down the page.

That was hilarious, the Taokaka message telling people that she will receive free food for life from Ragna was my favourite part.

I Lol’d at Jin’ poking Ragna

and if u go to the bottom u see facebook chat lol sol badguy that was a nice touch.

Jin’s last comment was funny haha!