Blazblue Chrono Phantasma - a new installment


announced at the arcsys event
named blazblue chrono phantasma
3 new characters - Amane, Barret, Azrael
new portraits and new outfits for all characters
lots of added moves
one new character from the past
noel changed weapons
bgm changed
hazama gets a new DD
tsubaki now ‘dark’

so its basically a whole new game, it seems. more info probably coming soon


Bah not to be a downer dick, but are alot of you really hyped on how they ripped shredded and divided a small scene they had with the mutiple releases on the first, just the other day honestly ,i tossed my CS disk in the trash . My extend,sometimes you can find lobbys sometimes, Ct was made into a freesbie pretty fast! Im giving Arc one last chance with Persona after that fuck it, actually all 2d Fight game makers have become weird,


^Terrible post and you should feel terrible. SFIV had multiple releases but did fine. Awful argument.

Anyways, c001357, AFAIK there isn’t any kind of official information. We should wait for an official announcement/source before making threads and discussing this.


aww they didnt continue the theme with the letters? shouldve been BB:CR =/

If kokonoe is one of the new characters i might consider getting it…


Waiting for official announcement.

Make the game faster please ;_;


All I want is for Kokonoe to be playable. If they give me that, then I’ll be satisfied with the new Blazblue.


I liked CT and CS. Wasn’t feeling the $40 for barely any new content with CSE, but I might check this out. BB’s probably the only fighting game I actually enjoy playing for the story. Playable Kokonoe would definitely help too.


mori confirmed it on twitter ITS REAL GUYS


Yeah…never really understand why the Blazblue players collectively turned their back on the series.


So this is legit then. I skipped out on Extend but if Kokonoe is one of the 3 new characters then I am all over this.


Updating the game right before Evo was a pretty big blow to the US scene. Then the aforementioned release of a barebones CSE certainly didn’t help. Then there’s also the massive delay between arcades getting updated BB and consoles getting updated BB that makes everyone feel like not playing until the new version is out.

They just need to cool their jets on the updates. Let the game stand on its feet long enough to build the scene a bit before challenging everyone to stay on top of patch lists.


Those who really liked the game never did. The series constantly improved in each update with Extend being the best so far. (I dropped it because I didn’t like the defining features of the series compared to other air dash games, which were not going to change anyway)


Yea I skipped Extend. I will most definitely get this.


Not really, there was SF4 in 2009, then SSF4 in 2010, after that one could get AE update thru PSN or XBL (like I did), or purchase the disc release.

As far as BB is concernred. There was CT, then CS, then CSE. I personally think the inclusion of Relius didn’t warrant a new disc release, he could’ve also been a DLC character like the other 3.

Regardless, looking forward to this new one and hopefully Tager’ll be able to deal some REAL SOVIET DAMAGE.



Tenjo’s son

The total pool of available characters. Phantom is probably in if she is one of the six heroes(Nine?), Jubei is almost definitely in there and people have been asking for Kokonoe for a while. The writers even teased us when they made Kokonoe complain about her absence as a fighter in one of those alternative endings. ASW needs to retool everyone significantly. I understand the complaints from longtime fans who feel that the game isn’t changing drastically enough. Just about everyone that isn’t Relius needs some big shakeups.

Don’t know if new outfits would even make sense in 2D fighter. Might just be for some specific characters.


forgot to mention that when they said all new characters they meant it


Don’t know. The game has never had a HUGE scene, but if there’s one thing certain about the FGC in the US, your main game being at Evo helps increase its longevity. BB not being at Evo hurt it a lot.

AE and 2012 were two different updates though. I don’t know if 2012 was free or not though. Regardless, both SFIV and BBCSE had the same amount of updates. Having so many updates helped the scene more than hurt it since the game improved upon itself every time.


Wait what?


This year (2012). Not last year.


It didn’t help last year either. You can’t get games popular from top to bottom. You need to work your way up. Being at EVO doesn’t help when throughout the year not many people are interested in playing the game.
And besides, we have P4U to focus on now. It’s better to use that to get new people to get into air dash games in general and see how fun they are, and from that position they’ll be more open to any new game that comes along.