BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND announced!

Thanks to SRK for sharing this piece of news. Arc System Works announced BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma that will feature redrawn character sprites on returning characters and three new characters Amane, Barret (or Bullet), and Azrael. Hopefully there would be new stages as well (it’s not yet announced).

Could this be BlazBlue 3 that Mori wanted to make? Will this new BlazBlue game’s story continue after Continuum Shift? I hope so!

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Chrono Phantasma?

I am super hype. o.o

Also: Trailer.

And while they didn’t SAY “new stages” there are definitely several in the trailer - in fact, the only old stage in the entire trailer is Rachel’s Castle.

This is clearly a totally new game.

I thought it was just another update like Extend, when I first saw the news.

But with the new subtitle, it sure seems like it’s Blazblue 3.

I’m curious what the pre-order bonuses will be for this one.

The trailer made me way too hype, considering the amount of content they’ve shown. The only one that looks interesting right now is Amane, if only because he wears the manliest colors in existence and he has what looks like an astral that turns people into a younger version of themselves (I want to see Lil Makoto. :3).

Bullet is slowly warming up to me though since I like female brawlers. Granted, the fanservice coming off of her at first glance is astounding but then again, they redid every female portraits with extra fanservice.

There’s also the chance that Makoto won’t be ass any more so I’ll be keeping an eye on this and the upcoming loketests for sure.

Dat male geisha do seem like the most interesting character. Granted, I need to see more of those 3 and some Noel as well to get me hyped.

The new transvestite character looks pretty damn cool, but I i am finding it hard to get past yet another instalment…
People give Capcom a hard time for their super editions but Blazblue seems to be taking it to a new level.
I mean fans of a series don’t wait for new versions they buy things as they appear and Arc System works seems to punish their fans… A new update or sequel to a fighter’s true measure is in its characters.

14 extra characters = SF4 (£40) + SSF4(£25) + AE(£10)= £75
10 extra characters =Blazblue CT (£40) + Blazblue CS (£40) + 3xDLC characters (£15) + Extend (£30) + Blazblue CP (£40 Probably)= £165

I can’t see the story as a good justification as its been pretty badly written all along, with the second one it became a true chore to get through that I only did to get that last character, I really can’t see the badly done visual novel element as a selling point as its written like a very mediocre badly done modern anime with some of the worst pacing around.

I didn’t bother with Extend but I may with this new one, I just hope its their last…

Looks great to me! Sadly no info on when it’s being released but it looks great! Azreal Looks pretty interesting… Curious if he has some sort of connection with the Azure Grimoire just because of his name.

Unfortunately the whole online thing seems to have died on PS3 for Extend (Don’t seem to get many decent lag free matches in the UK… or any matches at all very often… Probably the wrong system for fighters though.) :confused: Hopefully this reinvigorates BB!

Looks awesome, I am so hyped about this game, I really want to give P4 a chance, but I’m still going to play the shit out of this one.

Does anyone know the name of the song used in that trailer though? Can’t find it anywhere.

I’ve never played BB but this looks hype. From what I can gather it looks more simple and cute than GG. Is the one player experience worth the price tag? Would only be playing this casually

If it’s anything like the last version of Extend, the one player experience will definitely be worth the price tag.

I spent hours playing story mode along with the other single player modes.

If the creators supposedly saying Kokonoe and more importantly JUBEI would be in the next BB was scrapped, then FUCK THAT THIS GAME AIN’T WORTH IT FOR ME. Jubei or dieeeeee.

They never said that, sorry, you are wrong. The closest the ever went to an answer for that sort of thing was “Maybe” and ‘not yet’.

From Dustloop (which is acting up for me right now): (for people who don’t want to open it)

Movesets and system explanations.

New system mechanics:
Overdrive: replaces gold burst apparently. Supposedly increases damage and gives you access to new moves. Every character has their own variant. The lower your health, the longer it lasts.
Crush Triggers: for 25% heat on specific moves, press A+B to crush your opponent’s guard as long as they’re not barrier guarding the move.

Seems interesting. I’m curious to see how Overdrive will function. It sounds like X-Factor. I just hope it won’t create easy wins for certain characters.

EDIT: Seems like Overdrive is an install-type move. Any character that used to have an install-type distortion no longer has one. Instead, that distortion is now their Overdrive. Hmm…

As long as Tao is still in it will be a purchase for me. That new guy who’s crazy buff looks interesting…I may give him a go when it comes out. And did they change the announcer’s voice? Cause I hated the extend one…

Sucks that the three new characters weren’t Kokonoe, Jubei, and Phantom, but OH WELL.
Since nobody posted anything about it, I’ll just write new stuff based on what I saw on the trailer. (If it’s too big, I’ll take it off.)
AMANE- Seems to be the Ghost Rider of BlazBlue since s/he has range. Astral seems to make enemies younger, since we saw the younger Ragna appear.
BULLET/BARRET - Could be someone with a fighting style somewhat close to Makoto Nanaya, but looks more painful in everyway.
AZRAEL - I really couldn’t tell. Maybe he’s another powerhouse-type character?
RAGNA - New move (Or an redrawn sprite of Gauntlet Hades.)
JIN - I saw 2 new moves, an Aerial move that looks like his 623B. Also seems to have a new sliding special.
NOEL - Completely redrawn sprite and weapon. I don’t think I saw a new move…
RACHEL - 2C seems to be able to summon lightning, but I’m not so sure.
TAOKAKA - Nothing new, which makes me sad…
TAGER - Seems to have a new body slam-type move.
LITCHI - Seems to have two new DD, one which does a combo, and a possible GTFO me DD.
ARAKUNE - Only one new Move I saw and it didn’t seem that special.
BANG - New DD that has Bang impaling his enemy with his nail.
CARL - I think Nirvana can do an aerial command grab, possibly close to Tagers 623C.
HAKUMEN - Nothing new.
TSUBAKI - New sprite. New DD that has her summoning something and attacking her enemy with it.
HAZAMA - New Troll DD that has Hazama continually stomping on his opponent, worthy of his TROLLZAMA title.
MAKOTO - Nothing seems to be new but it probably wasn’t shown.
VALKENHAYN - Nothing new also, but probably also wasn’t shown.
PLATINUM - New move that involves a box that looks similar to the Jack-in-the-Box. If an enemy steps on it, it will release Jack and the enemy will be lifted in the air.
RELIUS - Nothing new

Now that I think about it… what’s gonna happen to the Lamba/Mu players?

Hakumen has a new air quarter circle move.
There is the character move sets on dustloop but the site is crashing due to increase of traffic.

Waaaat. I thought they did. Oh well.

Needs more of them, then.

Waaaat. I thought they did. Oh well.

Needs more of them, then.

Using my brilliant deduction skills, I think I have an idea of what Makoto’s Overdrive does. Seeing as how the words “Lv. 3” are in the middle of the description, I’m assuming all her moves that use her drive are automatically the Lv. 3 version, regardless of whether you charge it or not.

EDIT: I was right lol. “Galaxian Impact” does exactly that.

Blazblue has X-Factor now with the new Overdrive system lol.

  • Activates by pressing ABCD (like XF)
  • Duration determined by how low your health is (similar to XF)
  • Supposedly increases strength (?)

Overdrive names and Descriptions from Dustloop


Overdrive Descriptions
[]Ragna: Blood Kain Idea -
]Jin: Frost End - Yukianesa attacks freeze the opponent.
[]Noel: Chain Quasar - Increases speed of Drive moves.
]Rachel: Elf Lied - Wind Meter charges faster.
[]Taokaka: Almost Becoming Two -
]Tager: Voltic Field - Forces magnetism on opponent.
[]Litchi: Daisharin - Move the staff with Direction + D.
]Arakune: Crimson Depths - Curse meter doesn’t drain while active.
[]Bang: Furinkazan -
]Carl: Synchro High Speed - Nirvana is strengthened.
[]Hakumen: Kishin - Magatama charge faster, can cancel D attacks into Specials, cannot Crush Trigger.
]Tsubaki: Second Install - Install Gauge automatically charges.
[]Hazama: Jormangund - Drive attacks are stronger, gains Life Steal ring.
]Makoto: Galaxian Impact - All Drive moves are Level 3.
[]Valkenhayn: Indross Volf - Wolf Gauge charges much faster.
]Platinum: Magical Heart Catch - Unlimited use of current item.
[]Relius: Maxima Dance - Ignis gauge recharges faster.
]Amane: Cyclone - All Drive attacks are max level.
[]Bullet: Heat the Beat - Permanent “Heat Up” state while active.
]Azrael: Mind Coloseo - All attacks act as though they’d hit weak points.

Funny thing is, most of these are exactly the same as the character-specific buffs you can buy in Abyss mode. At least none of these sound broken. Some of them might open up new combo paths.