BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND announced!


Better late than never right…


Came out today on PC it seems <_<


Seems to have some kind of lag or something going on though. =/


It’s a pretty good release, the only bug I’ve seen is that it crashes after 30 minutes of play or so. Still awesome though, and it will probably get patched soon anyway.

I haven’t played since maybe sometime in 2010 to 12 I think. I might have glimpsed it a few times since then. I don’t recognize some of these new mechanics.

Anyway, found a nearly 7000 damage corner combo with Rachel off a hit confirm. The max hits I can get off of it is 70, but keep getting 69 more often as in the vid.

My main is Ragna by the way.


Runs great for me! I’m playing dudes halfway around the world with no issues :confused:


Question: is the PS3/PS4 version active for online play? Mainly for PS3 at the moment, since I don’t yet have a PS4 stick.




Yes, and both versions of the game can play with each other so that makes the player pool a little more coagulated.


Awesome! Looks like I’ll be picking up the PS3 version sometime, unless I splurge on a PS4 stick.


Feel free to add me if you’re ever down to do some matches.


I probably will!

One last question, since I may be picking up the game tomorrow…but it doesn’t play like Persona does it? Don’t really care for Persona that much, would like the game to play similarly to SF if at all possible.



It shares qualities with the Persona Arena games, yes, but ultimately is an entirely different game. Blazblue has always had a ton more depth than those games imo, although both are really fun. Persona also has one button combos for every character that lead into their supers, which is another huge difference between the two games. If you ever get the chance to try both games I think you’ll find Blazblue has a better pace of combat, a larger variation of playstyles from character to character, and more impressive visuals in general.

In regards to it playing like SF, it does not. It will share those basic fighting game norms in terms of some of the mechanics, but it’s an entirely different monster than Street Fighter is. If you try to play it like a SF game, you’re gonna have a bad time.


Good to know, thanks! I’ll end up picking the game up and seeing for myself, tomorrow like I said. I have Persona…don’t really like the game all that much.


Get this or wait for BBCF?


Get this, especially if you can find it on sale. It’s $26 on the PS4 right now off Amazon or $15 used, $30 on Steam if you need it immediately.

Let’s face it - you’re looking at ~6 month wait for the next game assuming that you import. If you want to play BB, you should get this game. If you just want to play “I’ll wait for the current version” then you probably don’t want to play BB at all. =/


I order it from Amazon yesterday. Should be here by tomorrow. Going to try out Kokonoe and Yuuki terumi


Add me on PSN if you wanna run some games. :tup:




@“The Martian” will add you once I get the hang of the game. Coming from guilty gear this game shouldn’t be too hard to pick up


Ign: Nozomiji (Add me please)