Blazblue Chrono Phantasma release date thread (will update when US/X360 dates become availible)


*Updated 4/22/13

BBCP has been live in Arcades(Nov 12’) for a while and we now have a console date of 10/24/13 for the PS3 in Japan, the game will retail at $10,290 Y (LE), and $7,140 Y standard edition. If you plan to import from the US expect to pay upwards of $80 USD for a copy.

PS3 - 10/24/13(JP), ?/?/?(US)/(EU)
X360 - ???


I’m guessing that Chrono Phantasma will be released on consoles next summer like they released Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift (1st version), and Persona 4 Arena. Those games were released on summer.


Yeah, more likely Q2 release, they did say they were 30% done with the PS3 port in late Oct early Nov, and they’re going to emphasize on making sure the network mode is top notch, so hopefully that quality netplay everyone likes returns but is vastly improved. The game’s already released and they’ll finish adding 3 characters(temporarily) to the arcade version by mid Dec Nu-13, Mu-12, Izayoi, I could only assume at that point it’s full on PS3 development and maybe some side 360 porting for an international release, hopefully 360 owners in NA can get their hands on it, it’s honestly the only market where the 360 has more install base than the PS3.


Do you think it will be available on the Vita? Would CS Extend be the game for NA until Q2 of next year?


They usually port to the Vita since it shares similar architecture to the PS3, but the Vita is in horrible shape right now, they haven’t even announced a 360 port(360 has like 1.5million LTD in Japan), I could only imagine the Vita shares a similar fate having just barely broke the 1 million barrier. So far only a PS3 and 3DS port have been announced the 3DS one being BlayzBloo


Any news for chrono phantasma coming for the 360 please kudasai


^ unlikely it’ll happen