Blazblue coming to Europe?

Hey I am new. First post, if this was already discussed let it die as I couldn’t see it.
But, I came across this:

Does anyone know about these new characters?

I really can’t see them adding new characters unless the fabled update does indeed hit this year, and the Euro BB comes with it.


There has been a lot of talk of this. I know that there are a few links on SRK, but you have to take it for what it’s worth. I think until you see it on creditable website then you should just take it as hersay again.

I wish they would release it, I hope they do anyways, perhaps North America is becoming the Ginuea pig for the European market now?

Either way, I’d like to see it released over there because there is a market for the game.

*edit: yeah, it’s legit. Seen all the information on it. Good on you mates

I honestly think that most fighting game enthusiasts from Europe already have BlazBlue, unless they own an xbox 360.

Well a few other sites such as Kotaku and have reported on it, and they’re running a competition for the game over at Neogaf so I think it’s safe to say it’s legit.

I’ve never heard of PQube, but I already love them forever.

Hazama plz k thnx

Another one of the 6 heroes, PLEASE. That would be so awesome.

But I really think it’s just more unlimited versions.

I just read the article again - strategy guide and soundtrack in the standard edition, ohboyohboyohboy!

Probably that cat dude. Forgot his name…



Let’s see some of that Tsubaki heat. You know she and Noel must duel to the death

About time Europe didn’t get the shaft. I wonder if the new characters are gonna be DLC for everyone else.

I really hope they are… it would be pretty lame for one region to have exclusive characters. If thats the case, I’d have to import it (w00t, PS3 region free!)… but if you have a 360 then you’re screwed. :sad:

Being from Europe, this is cool and all but I do agree that if they introduce new characters, they must be DLC for the rest of the world. If they’re not, they become a complete waste of time and lose any competitive nature they should have.

Also wouldn’t it get problamatic to play against the rest of the world?

Well if you look at it from a competitive scene, Europe is screwed. No will want to play with them online if their “exclusive content” is BB 2.0. Online, even.

Do you guys really think that ASW would be dumb enough to split the scene like that? :rolleyes:

As people had said, it’ll most likely come out either as a patch that adds in the characters or a patch that let’s you play against them but put it up as optional DLC for the other versions.

Actually, the most likely would probably just be more EX characters. Like tao in perma AB2, or bang in perma Furinkazan. Or an arakune where bugs are flying everywhere all the time.

I really doubt that they would hand the europeans blazblue 2.0 first. :lol:

Thinking about it they will also have great occasion to do balance tweaking.