Blazblue connection problems

im havin trouble connecting to some ppl… i get the failed to connect to room message [no im not joining a room while ppl are playing] its weird cuz for some reason i cant connect to like half the rooms i try to join… any one got a solution or have the same problem?

Might be a router setting. Have you tried opening your ports for xbl?

how do u do that?

My friend and I have been getting this too, but its shouldn’t be a router setting as we have already looked into that. Usually about 2 to 3 of the rooms I try to enter fail to connect.

It might be the service provider. My friend and I both have a Type 2 connection with the routers. Its our only other assumption as, again, we looked into the router idea already.

I can create and run a room, but I can’t enter any. I either get failed to connect, or the room is full.

You can’t enter rooms while other people are in middle of a match so many times that is the cause for the failure

go into ur router interface and find advanced settings and go to port forwording and in TCP type 80,53,3074 then udp 88,53,3074 and so on