BlazBlue Continuum Shift Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition by AKSYS Games & Mad Catz <3 -


Oh my DICK!
That is coolness.


Omg. get Hype.


Awww crap Markman beat me by a few mins right after I posted a thread. Only 1,500 made for each system. So if you want one, you’d probably want to pre order


Any reason why it’s $200?


No idea, not up to me.

I just make it rain.


Hah, there’s something wrong with the bottom joystick on the image on the right side of that site link you posted.


Because they’re only making 1500 per system? Still overpriced, considering you could get a fully custom stick for the same amount, but it’s a reason.


Made for Right Hand you know?


I would jump on this if it wasn’t $200. Its about $50 more then I am willing to plunk down.
You can import the Hori Blazblue Stick for about the same price (and I am guessing they could be had a bit cheaper)
Any reason why the new Xbox 360 sticks coming out keep having the fugly 4 color buttons?

Damn it I WANT ONE! (the ps3 one)


Microsoft has been making companies put the colors on all controllers, including Mad Catz. Oh well


$200? For a TE with BBCS art? Not even a TE S? Lol.

Looks nice though.


why does the ps3 version always look better than the 360 one =/


Yeah, PS3 version is better, black case sexy. Ignoring the 360’s button colors though, why are the button layouts different from each other? I get the switch the the BlazBlue layout, but why only on one of them?

  1. Very nice thinking from Madcatz.
  2. Nice artwork and color combination


  1. 200$ when the SSFIV edition goes for 150? And the SFIV edition goes for 100 in various shops? Why? [Choleric comment follows] I didn’t see any silver plated custom balltop.

And more importantly, I followed Markman’s link to AKSYS site where they state that they’re taking orders only for US. So my question, if you know Markman is:

  1. Will the stick be available through any of European madcatz stores (gameshark uk, de), or other retailers? Is it only an AKSYS store offer? Any word on availability in Europe?

On a final note, I don’t mind the price since I really believe in Blazblue’s potential, however providing the stick only for US and not for Europe would be a serious reason for me not only to pass on the stick but even the game, since I’m really tired of various companies treating European players as second grade customers. And for AKSYS especially, this would be the second time they make this mistake.


Black one will be mine. For sure.


I would get this one over the HRAP CS version.


look sweet but for 200 is too much for this imo the comic cons n fatal version were less and they were even more limited


For $200 my money goes to the Hori import Blazblue CS. This is nothing but the round 2 TE (ps3)/femme fatale (360) case with blazblue art on it


Not bad, but I think I like mine better lol.