Blazblue Continuum Shift at level-up event in L.A. July 28


Level Up Series (the guys who did the Evo stream) are having a special event to celebrate their new location for Wednesday Night Fights. They have set ups for Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, TvC, and SSFIIT HDR, but no BB yet.

Level Up has said they want Blazblue to be a part of this event, but they will only add additional set ups for it if the Blazblue community demands it. So if you live in L.A. and what to play some Blazblue Continuum Shift please make your voice heard on the thread for this event. See the link below.


Exciting Update

Alex Valle just confirmed this.
Not only will Blazblue:Continuum Shift be there, our good friends at AKSYS games will be there to celebrate with us!
I’m proud to announce AKSYS games is an official sponsor of Game With Heart and will have a dedicated booth with lots of goodies and of course stations of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift!

Hope to see you there! =)

More details will come later about whether we will just do casuals or if we will do a mini tourney or round robins. Hopefully we will get to have some BB matches put on the stream. The event details can still be found on the events thread.
I’ll see you guys there.


Now I really wish I wasn’t going back to Oregon in 2 days because I want to go to LA for this x.x


I’m nowhere near L.A but I’m glad to hear that BBCS is getting exposure.