Blazblue Continuum Shift II coming to PSP

According to Game Nyarth, info of the latest Famitsu entry:

???II(PSP/)???6(3/10)??? ??

?2011??[PSP] ???II?

Got “netplay mode” and a new “Abyss Mode” that seems that is a Dungeon RPG-type game… dont ask me.

New experimental single player mode is actually good news for a fighting game.
The legion mode they tried on CT PSP was just redundant.

Yeah, Abyss Mode sounds nice.

Cool. It’ll be nice to practice on the go

im more interested on the real consoles version, the handle version at the end is only a novelty

Of course, but I support every new idea that can bring in new players to the genre. Like how ,many people were interested because of the animu and story mode and maybe some of them got hooked on the VS aspect.

As long as it’s catering to the casuals in the extra modes, rather than in the game system itself. hint hint

Use the BlazBlue forum. :tup:

Preppy, you know people don’t scroll down.

Glad to see they’re still supporting the PSP, which, incidentally, has lots of great fighters available for it!

I’ll enjoy it for PSP. KNow more ppl with PSPs anyway, never could get much play on consoles anyway