BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Plus

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Another…ANOTHER version of Continuum Shift?
BlazBlue is becoming the next Street Fighter I swear…

PS Vita port. In other words, simply a portable version of CS2. Nothing in the articles indicates that it’ll be a substantial enough upgrade from CS2 to affect the competitive scene.

Yeah I was kinda thrown off when I heard about that a week or two ago. I mean, I just got CSII for my PSP, and then I heard about Plus. But whatever. It won’t be out for a while, so maybe I’ll get suckered into it when it eventually comes out. Maybe.

Think Accent Core Plus. They’re just finally adding story modes for the DLC characters.

I’ll probably pick it up since I actually enjoy the story. What I’m kinda confused about is that they’re adding 6 scenarios when there’s only 3 DLC characters to expand on story-wise. Unless they add in 3 more like Jubei, Nine, and Kokonoe. But I somehow doubt that. As awesome as it would be xP

More like it’s becoming the new Guilty Gear XX

Sorry, noob question. Where could I find a list of the changes between CT and CS? And wich one is considered better in general concensus? Even woth CS being the new version.

NinjaEdit: Ugh nevermind me:

Man… where’s BlazBlue III with godlike Jubei, annoying Carl’s fucked up dad and hot interspecies erotica-loving Nine as playable characters?

Kokonoe: I think Kokonoe could fit in pretty well since she can use magic. Plus, she’s the daughter of two of the most powerful beings in the Blazblue universe. Might have some fighting prowess hidden in there somewhere.

Nine or Phantom: Definitely see Nine or at least that Phantom version of her making it as a new character too.

Jubei: Maybe Jubei could make it as well. Though, they’d have one hell of a time toning him down. Plus, his height would kinda make it hard to hit him. I still would like to see him make it, but there’s a lot of factors to consider there.

Relius Clover: Not so sure about Relius since he’d kinda just be a clone of Carl. Then again, maybe his fighting style would differ enough to make it work.

Torakaka: Even Torakaka could fit but she might be a Tao clone. Hard to tell. I’m sure their fighting styles would differ in some aspects though, as with Relius. Afterall, she’s a lot more composed and mature than Tao. Maybe she doesn’t bounce all over the place as much xP

Linhua: Eh, why not?

Imperator Librarius: Unlikely, but just added for the hell of it.

Well, that’s Arc for ya. Gotta port dem FGs to everything and their mother while adding stupid subtitles.

Agreed. Arc should stop milking CS already and go for a sequel.

This one’s also supposed to have netplay over PSN too, so that’ll be a big selling point as well. It’ll basically be a portable version of the arcade game, i.e. arcade sprites, backgrounds, etc… shrug if that doesn’t sound good to you then I don’t know what to tell ya…

Question… This is from somebody who hasn’t ever played BB and I don’t know where to look for information about it…

Contiuum Shift 2… is it on PS3? Or will it be?

Continuum Shift 2 is on PS3 and 360. It’s essentially a patch for Continuum Shift, which you can download for free.

Thank you!

EDIT:Nvm… MvC… der