Blazblue: Continuum Shift's Score Attack Mode

I finished Score Attack Mode Twice on Console.
I’ll show you the videos of the Score Attack Line-Up by Order.
And the Achievements you can get from Score Attack Mode.
Score Attack Mode on BBCS Console Version is Twice as hard.
Harder then BBCS Arcade Version Score Attack Mode and BBCT Score Attack.
Unlimited Haku-Men and Unlimited Hazama are real Pain in the ass. Tager can be one to but he’s easy.
Here are the Videos.

If you see a Pause during the gameplay. It’s because of my Dinner!!!

Dude for real, fuck Score Attack Mode! It’s a breeze to beat everyone until I get to Haku-Men’s cheap ass. l mean they all can be cheap at times, but Haku-Men takes the cake. He’s almost on pair with Gill on being cheap. I literally was a hit away from beating him when he hits me with a 8 hit combo that took about 3 quarters life and ended the game.

Still not nearly as bad as GGXX’s computer, just like all CPU’s you can bait and “mix them up” by giving false inputs. Thats what you had to do when the AI in fighting games will only resort to cheating, you cheat them back.