Blazblue CP - Escaping Pressure


I’ve been having trouble dealing with pressure and Oki setups (especially in corners). The problem is I don’t know when to try to do a reversal or try to jab them out of their combo/block string. I play mostly Ragna and I know that he has one of the best/fastest DPs in the game, I just don’t know when I’m supposed to use it. I’m usually at the mercy of the other player to drop their combo or do something really stupid and unsafe, or to just use a burst. Does anyone have any advice or ideas of how to escape these kinds of situations?


Most anime fighters are very momentum based game. Unlike many other games where the defending player gets a chance to breath after a combo in BB how to block/roll/evade is just as fundamental as how to get your pressure started.

I think this was one of the best guides for BB when he goes over how ragna can start his game (I think in episode 2) it really breaks down how you have to dictate the flow of the game otherwise you are left on the defensive. Everytime you get up you’ve gotta look at how to get onto the offensive, that may be through creating space or by closing a gap but you need to take control otherwise all you’ll ever be looking for is how/when to DP.

edit: forgot the link

also, agreed that BB is very specific on the block strings and match ups. I guess the idea I wanted to instill was more of a marvel mentality ‘there are so many options and possibilities the best spot for you to be in is where your pressuring your opponent not the other way around.’


^ That’s all well and good, but BB is a game where you do need to block, a lot, and it’s totally reasonable to struggle with that.

The problem is, there’s no universal answer to OP’s question, because blockstrings are very character specific. BB is a little like Street Fighter in that you need to understand your frame advantage and know what to look for in terms of gaps/mixups, or else you’re just going to get reset and baited all day long.

My best advice to you is to take it one matchup at a time. Pick a character that you have trouble against, watch some videos of that character, practice their blockstrings in training mode. You’ll get a better idea of what risks they have to take during pressure, and when you can safely jump/DP out.

Keep in mind you can also Counter Assault. It’s not the greatest use of meter, but it’s better than getting opened up.