Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Official Discussion


Even if it’s not out in time for EVO (which I’m still trying to be hopeful for), we’ll most likely get a bunch of playable stations at EVO at the ASW booth at the very least.


That’s my assumption: This and Fighting EX Layer will be out of the running for Evo games, but will be there in playable forms.


We’ll most likely be getting double reveals in January and February, with the monthly Arc Nama streams being held on January 19th, (that will hopefully round out the IT in one go,), a week before Evo Japan, and on February 16th, following RTX Sydney, so you can add another 6-8 to your predicted total. They haven’t missed a monthly stream since they started doing reveals in September, and Rachel, Hazama and Weiss, who were revealed at RTX London, and Noel, Chie and Waldstein, who were the stream reveals, were just five days apart from each other. I can’t see them breaking that pattern, especially if they’re starting to pick up the pace as we enter 2018.



Just going to remind everyone before the shutdown, 2018 is the year of Chie/Makoto, because fuck yah yah b*tch.

That’s all.


Oh btw -

Keep your eyes open and tune in cuz we might see a new trailer for the game


Blake Belladonna trailer.

20 DLC characters!!


So half of the RWBY team will be DLC? Wait, half of the roster?

Also, we’re back to silhouettes guessing game.


So… wait. This means that the characters revealed until now are the base roster and the rest will be DLC?


i didnt followed this game much so…do they actually create some new animations for them or is everything just reused sprites?


And just like that ArcSys killed the game before release. Good job, assholes


lets be honest. it would be niche game anyway.
i wouldnt pull the gun now…question is now how much will they cost and if they are actually some reanimations or not which justifies them being extra paid content.


There are some new stuff like Rachel, tag supers and characters that weren’t able to run in their original games having to do it now because of the new system.

I’m kind of skeptical but waiting for the “full” price. If it’s U$40+U$20 or U$30+U$30 I’m fine with it but anything more and I’ll wait for a discount like I usually do with ArcSys games.

Funny that the last DLC is not in a bundle with other characters. Maybe is someone special… or it’s just Yang coming really late.

By the way, is that Jubei or Taokaka?


Well, it’s not really a surprise Blake and Yang would be coming late since they have to be built from the ground up.

Either way, I’m actually glad the game gets to be out before EVO, aren’t pissed about the DLC thing since they still have stuff to finish up, and would much rather be able to play the game in June than in November/December.

That, and I’m still hoping for dual audio, of course.


Well ain’t that some ol’ horseshit. P4 reps is only the core 4/Class 2-2… not even Teddie. RWBY fans are the worst shafted of course.

Only way this might be remotely okay is if the base game is pretty cheap, or if the characters come in bundles like what SF4 did for AE and Ultra. Knowing Arc’s dlc practices though… yikes


Congrats to ArcSys. They are now yet another Capcom for the same mistakes as SFV & MvCI (the latter is mostly blame on Marvel) on roster inclusions & size


You’ll be playing mostly by yourself lol!!


They are charging you $50 for what’s basically a MUGEN made out of reused assets save 4 characters, and they lock half the roster behind DLC? Congrats Arc, you’ve finally dethroned Capcom as the kings of fighting game bullshit. Seriously hope this shit bombs hard.


The characters are coming in bundles. Aside from Blake and one other character (who I assume is Yang), everyone else comes as part of a pack of three characters each.

Do you people really not read the news and just look at the headlines?


This is actually bad enough that I’ve just straight up changed my avatar and profile text because at this point Arc Sys has managed to make me go into permanent Cornette Face mode.

I can appreciate that Blake and Yang cost a lot of money to make, but given the sheer amount of asset reuse we’re seeing here… I’d think the cost of the base game would cover them!

Surely someone at ArcSys knew this was going to look extraordinarily bad on their part? Did this not get debated? Did they just charge on ahead regardless? Ugh.