Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Official Discussion


If I can get Shabrys, I’ll be fine, though I’m not exactly confident she’s on the short list. As far as other RWBY characters, it will assuredly not be many, if ANY. I doubt there’d be more than either the rest of the team, or just Jaune, since he’s the only other main character to lead a team. I would love more, and I would especially love GG fighters (gimme sin or zappa and I will die a happy man), but neither are exactly likely. GG fighters are perhaps more likely, needing only new sprites rather than a whole new moveset from the ground up, but the only way I see more than one or two RWBY fighters getting in is by being clones or partial clones. What I’m really hoping for is a story mode, especially one that teams up fighters from different series as a rule; I’m a sucker for that stuff. It took me mutiple playthroughs of MVCI’s demo to get over the hype of X wielding Cap’s shield and start looling at it critically.


Contrary to popular belief tracing over models is more, not less time consuming. It just gives you more accuracy in proportions, perspective and keeping sizes constant. But you also have to take more time by perfectly following your reference instead of just drawing a frame without having to perfectly match a model.

KOF XII/XIII sprites took insane amounts of time per character, more than a year IIRC, while you can have a character animated in 4-5 months using traditional methods. It makes things look nicer (BBs sprites are definitely a step up from GGs wonky sprites and animations) but doesn’t really save time.


Can ArcSys adjust the scale of the imported sprites if some don’t line up with other characters in terms of proportions?


Please let there be Persona 5-characters. I want Narukami + Joker on my team.
Because I imagine those two would hate each others guts, even in spite of being silent protagonists. :V


> Narukami
> Silent

Have you ever seen Ultimax’s Story Mode?

That dude just could not shut up about bonds and “muh friends” and every time he said anything related to the plot he got endless shilling from everyone.

It was so bad that I almost wanted Sho to win.


Interesting thought: The title is “Blazblue Cross Tag Battle”, meaning the game should be BB focused (about 50% of the roster). If RWBY gets 4 characters, UNIEL and Persona should get at least 4 too. That makes for 12 BB characters and a 24 character roster MINIMUM. That’s enough to fit the entire roster of Calamity Trigger. That said, I could see Hakumen and Carl being swapped out for Hazama and Relius. Additional slots would probably go to Tsubaki, Makoto, and from there it’s a wild card.

I’ve mentioned the idea of GG characters being in before, and for that series I think the minimum needed to please as many people with as few slots would be 6, particularly for the Blazblue rivalries.
[] Sol (vs Ragna)
] Ky (vs Jin)
[] Dizzy (vs Noel)
] Potemkin (vs Tager)
[] I-NO (vs Hazama)
] Slayer (vs Rachel)


The BB part could just mean it’s taking place in the BB universe, which would influence the stages and story if there is one. I think there will be a little more even representation than half the cast being BB. BBCF is still current, so it doesn’t make sense to have a super BB-heavy roster in this game too.


-One of the blue room chicks

Basically core cast and blue room chick are the strong possibilities


I feel those are pretty much guaranteed, on UNIEL they could bring in orie but she has a very similar style to hyde & linne so I could see them bringing more interesting characters at first.


If they were awesome they’d bring in Hilda, Nine, and Yukari but I’m not sure they have that level of awesomeness in them.


I guess my question is how they’re going to handle the RWBY characters alongside the BB/Persona/UNIEL cast. You could interject those three pretty easily together without people batting an eye. However, Rooster Teeth went in a completely different style with RWBY, so I’m hoping they at least take SOME licenses with the art there so it doesn’t look out of place.


No way they are going to make six new GG spritesets for this game. Assets they would not be able to use anywhere else since they won’t be making sprite based GG games anymore.


Ruby is probably gonna be ‘slightly-advanced-shoto-character’


Makes me think there is a legit RWBY game in development and they’re using this game mostly as a test for it

Unlike the other 3 games, RWBY is mainly team based fighting wise. So maybe RWBY’s future fighting game will have a similar format

Also characters from the other 3 games speak Japanese, meanwhile Ruby Rose is speaking English despite the fact that the series got Japanese dubbed for Japan not to long ago


Hey welcome to SRK!


I-is this a Central Fiction dub foreshadowing?


I am triggered by the possibility of including makoto. When did squirrel girl trope become a thing?

Like. Begging for low tier characters that suck in BB hoping that they don’t suck in BBX ??? Since when she’s not even like popular in regular BB

So annoying. Anyone but Makoto. Why not insert Jubei or a wild card like Rachel she’s just as iconic as Noel as far as starting roster


Oh hi

Top(S+/S/S-): Izayoi > Nine, Rachel > Carl, Arakune, Izanami

Great(A+/A): Tsubaki Jin > Valk, Azrael, Mu, Litchi

Good(A-,B): Amane, Makoto, Celica, Naoto, Relius > Ragna, Hibiki, Platinum, Hakumen, Kokonoe, Mai

OK(B-): Lambda, Nu, Terumi, Es, Tager, Hazama, Tao

Bad(C,C-): Bullet, Bang, Noel > Kagura, Susanoo

Oh and in CP:

S Jin, Nu
A Valkenhayn, Hazama, Kokonoe, Relius, Litchi, Tager, Taokaka
B Azrael, Ragna, Tsubaki, Makoto, Bang, Izayoi, Carl, Noel, Kagura
C Rachel, Platinum, Bullet, Celica, Mu, Lambda
D Amane, Terumi, Hakumen, Arakune

She was only ever low tier in CS.


Why must you remind me of Terumi’s tier placement?

What have I ever done to you?


Add that Makoto was the top tier char of CSII and CSExtend


Why is Terumi so much lower than Hazama? Aren’t they the same character?


Gameplaywise they are completely different.
They don’t really share anything outside being the “same character” story wise, the same as Susanooh