Blazblue cs disscussion

i know it aint out in the states yet but if youve seen vids and such, iwanna know what you guys think of the new arakune? seems even harder to use guessing from experience as i am an arakune player. or will it not matter much? thx guys (also im new here first post thanks for having me :rofl:)

try the blazblue forum down below

And the new arakune doesn’t have dive cancels so he’s actually easier.

is it still slow and boring

my bad. as i said i am new here i will post there now


[insert street fighter 4 joke]

blazblue is the sf4 of anime games

AKA the one anime game which is beginner friendly yet still has a massive skill gap between top players and scrubs.

Stop trying to troll kid, no matter what you say both SF4 and BB did a massive amount of good for the FG community as a whole, the only people complaining are elitists who won’t welcome new players who want to get involved.

A new GG would be AWESOME for the extremely difficult execution so we could still have a truly hardcore game, as would a SSF4 fix or a new SF, but live with what we have for now and hope for the future.

its not about skill gap or difficulty its about being boring and slow and dry as fuck

sf4 and blazblue = the “everything is nerfed” bros

Reading Polarity’s posts is the first step to losing the war.

lol. Yeah man, V-13 so difficult.

It only helped the bb and sf4 scene cause i dont see any of the ‘new blood’ being curious about the other shit load of fighting games put on the table.

What? How can two original titles be nerfed? What were they nerfed from? Their beta versions???

^^^doesnt ‘get’ fgs

Is this troll seriously try to say that SFIV’s system is original and fresh?? :rofl::rofl::rofl::looney::looney::wtf:

Even the fucking company is unashamed to call SFIV a title that rides on nostalgia and not much else, do you even play the game? :rofl:

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I hate Blazblue, but I don’t think its a rip off of Guilty Gear. It borrows a lot, sure, but so much shit is different I don’t think you can say taht Blazblue is a sequel of any kind to Guilty Gear. Hell, Blazblue has half-Moe art, while Guilty Gear is gritty as hell. Most of their system changes that they share are found in most new school fighters. You can’t really say that Arakune is Testement, you can’t say taht V-13 or Lambchan is Dizzy, and you can’t say that Tao is Jam.

You got that all mixed up the characters you mention play nothing alike. The character design maybe…

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Guilty Gear is gritty as hell

I don’t even know what that has to do with the game system being fundamentally similar.

May and Bridget are the only exceptions to that. Any other character looks like it came right out of the art pages of a late 80s or early 90s anime.

Hey, if you have a charecter that plays like Makoto I’d love to hear it, but there isn’t.