Blazblue cs video thread

i don’t understand why noone has already made a video specific thread. this game is to awesome :nunchuck: not to have one.

p.s. i would rather one of the blazblue gods in here made this than me. so feel free to delete and remake with all known links to matches and combovideos

Well I believe I posted this in Rachel topic already but it’s SBO qualifiers and pretty cool.
Respect for the Rachel, he looks like an emo but he has a solid Rachel going on. In Continuum Shift.
And here’s another one of the same team (a Rachel and a Taokaka) for SBO qualifiers. Nice vid with some cool comebacks and long combos. I don’t know the Taokaka player but he rules too.

The main thing is that there’s already a great video thread on Dustloop, and really - SRK over DL for Guilty Gear or BlazBlue stuff? Not any time soon, I don’t think.

Link - Blazblue: Continuum Shift Video Posting Thread

thats the reason i made this thread. i had forgot all about dustloop. now we have an easy link to it. plus anyone interested can post their own matches, combovideos or whatever(blazblue related only) here.

i love this game i really enjoy watching good match. i play hakuman i just got to play cs for the first time yesterday and was lost. man i need practice.