Blazblue-CT just appeared on Steam


Vanilla BB just showed up without any warning. Steam


I don’t care much for the game, but it kinda baffles me that they release CT for Blazblue and Isuka for Guilty Gear. Both released by different publishers on Steam. What are they doing.


Both already had PC ports - so minimal work would have to be done.

GGXX #R has a PC port too; it wouldn’t surprise me to see that appear shortly, either.


Its pretty much just a joke, it doesn’t even have online play. Acquire rights, release port lacking content it previously had (because I assume the original GFWL did have netplay right), acquire profit.


Lol, look at the tags for the game in the Steam store.


I hope they do well and more (better) fighting games are brought to steam, like the UM KOF’s.