Blazblue: Damage without 20 plus hits

I’ve been looking at blazblue’s combos as of late on youtube and it got me wondering… Is there any character besides Tager that deals good damage without doing combos that would take half a page to write down? I guess V-13 could be one.
-I don’t play this, no 360, no PS3.

I don’t think there are. You’re gonna have to spend a good 50 hours memorizing your character’s bread n butter, which is why I don’t play Blazblue. Even if you find some short combo that does a fair amount of damage, there’s always going to be a longer, more damaging combo that you should know.

Yeah like when I play litchi, her BnB is a solid 20-22 hit combo, but by the end of it it practically does not damage. It is good to continue the combo though because not only do I get a little more damage, but I push my opponent into the corner, where litchi works best.

Edit: Hakuman actually does good damage on most of his combos, but in blazblue cs he can loop people until they die in just a few hits. He has to activate his custom combo/infinite bar mode though.



Blazeblue is a combo game

Jin’s combos are easy. You won’t have to do anything more difficult than you see in [media=youtube]VqkSD7Bwyak[/media] video. Most of the harder ones shown aren’t that practical either, so you should be fine with relatively basic stuff for sure.

Only talking about CT here, though I don’t think things got much more difficult in CS for Jin combo-wise.

I find Noel’s combos very very easy, though this may be because I play her.
Shes quite a good character for beginners in my opinion.

You are misleading newbies and I don’t like this.
If you don’t actually play the game, please don’t post about it. Thanks.

the answer you’re looking for is Hakumen

Okay, but was I really wrong? You think newbies are gonna learn short, high-damage combos with their characters, or…?

Is this a trick question?

BlazBlue has literally no links. Buttons can be held for up to 5 frames to repeat inputs so combos are just a matter of learning which buttons to hit and where on the screen you can do them. Which makes them harder to remember the buttons to press but easier to input than Capcom games which have link timing. It took me maybe a half hour to pick up Rachel’s j2c tri jumps and frog loops, which is pretty much the core of her gameplay.

And no BB combo is going to match MBAA C-Kohaku combos.

*Hakumen does beefy damage for a few hits but he’s also sort of slow like Tager, he just has more mobility. I never got TOO deep into Blazblue myself but it seems most characters have a few solid high damage output options that aren’t too hard to get down after practicing them for a while in training mode. The real challenge in my opinion is setting up the big damage and not necessarily the combo’s themselves. *

You can learn your characters B&B’s in about an hour for the simple characters. More advanced characters takes maybe 2-3 days at max. Litchi’s is probably the “hardest”, and that took me maybe 4 sit-down sessions of about 20 minutes each?

Most of the time, you get your skills up by playing the game and learning what random attacks lead to your B&B’s. Then you go home and say “oh wow, ragna’s counterhit 5A combos into _____!”. Atleast, that is the way I learn the game.

It took me about a week to learn Bang’s combos, but don’t despair over the long combos. Just break them down. And there really are no short combos, as what Mariodood said.

That being said I hardly ever play BlazBlue because of Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6, I’m sort of in limbo cause of Continuum Shift and Super Street Fighter IV coming out…

I like the way how Arc Sys games announce to the neighborhood that you just landed a counterhit.

Sorry, I just had to say that.

OK. Maybe I’m just unique in my thought that doujin game combos are really hard to learn, let alone for a newbie.

Guilty Gear series…it was like…COUNTER!! would make your head reel a bit if playing it on a PSP with headphones in XD.

Well its not connecting the hits that is usually super hard in BB because of the button holds. Its more memorizing long strings and getting them into muscle memory. I tried for a month to get into BB but as soon as I realized I was going to have to memorize really long combos to play at a beginner level I sort of dropped it. Its really the only thing that keeps me from playing the game, that and sf4 which everyone plays.

actually if you play the begginner chars like ragna or jin.
its pretty much. ground chain launcher air chain special move end.

the only thing you have to get used to was making sure to not hold forward when starting a poke.

abcd run cancel f+a jump cancel c,d jump c,d shoryuken

his combos have different variations but they are all pretty much the same depending on how far or high or whatever.

im just amazed on how people can figure out litchi’s and tao’s combos at the arcade from scratch

Yeah I hear a lot that litchi’s combos are the hardest, but in just about a week I got nearly all of her most useful BnBs down. I still can’t do some of the extreme combos (like the ones where she lands of the staff to continue the combo) but I can easily get by without them.

It’s not really that hard of a game to learn. The combos aren’t really the hard part, its understanding all of the mechanics and using them.