Blazblue: Damage without 20 plus hits

This is totally false no matter which character you play.
If you try to memorize each and every combo out there you’ll get a million variations. So it’s not the right way to handle it.
You don’t need to actually memorize anything, most of the time you just improvise based on understanding how the character works.
Which comes in time as you play and experiment.

Blazblue is not a doujin game…

Most of the combos are small hits put together to form a much larger string.

You learn 4 smaller chunks that can be used in a lot of situations then depending where on the screen you get your hit you piece together those chunks for the situation.

If that makes sense.

As others have said Hakumen is your best bet for high damage with a low hitcount :3

My personal character of choice is Nu because I can memorize her combos easily. Most combos that enjoy jump cancels are actually pretty easy to do once you realise they’re a double repetition (combo, jump cancel, repeat combo) =D

I would tell him to play Ragna but CS Ragna has double Belial Edge combos that exceed the 20 hit limit OP wants.

usually the long combos are just finding something short and then repeating it, or if you can’t repeat it you just go to the most damaging combo finisher you can.

it goes like

are they on the ground? yes? can i launch? no? i combo up from light to heavy with whatever works then finish with a special.
yes? i launch and follow with an air combo, jump cancel then do it again, then add an air finisher

you don’t learn 50 input combos, you learn a bunch of like 5 attack combos and string them together the way the game physics allows

Man, it takes like 5 seconds to learn a BnB in Blazblue. Seriously.

Also, the answer to the question is Bang.

This is exactly what I was saying but, explained better

No, but it sure well plays similar to one as far as combos go. BB’s combos are quite frustrating for people to pick up; a lot of the time they need to deprogram some habits and timing that have been created due to playtime in other games (compare SF combo timing and length to that of BB or GG, for example).

LOL. I still love how ignorant people are throwing around the term “doujin.”

This is one doujin game.


This is another.


They hardly play the same. Please remember that doujin is not a STYLE of game, it’s who DEVELOPS it for goodness sake.

I think it’s because people think the default game for doujin is MB. Don’t be too harsh on them.

ITT: We don’t understand what doujin means.

Also, everything Alter said.

Honestly, this is very subjective. Please try to keep such “learning times” out of the equation as it really depends on personal experience.

For me, games like Blazblue are very difficult for me to learn and take a considerable amount of time, I’m simply not used to the pace at all, especially compared to the usual games I play.

So anyway, I googled Doujin and got this:

doujin, is a general Japanese term for a group of people or friends who share an interest, activity, hobbies

So what the fuck are you all talking about.

The term doujin comes from the term used for fan-made anime or manga doujinshi. Its just a shortening of that. Basically a doujin game is a game made my fans and not a big company like Capcom.

so actually doujin means indie

Most combos don’t have 20 actual inputs for a combo. It’s usually around 10 or so. Combos generally have a format of:

[initial hit > grounded filler attacks > launcher > air filler attacks > finisher]

Here’s an example for Ragna in CS:

[5b > 3c 5d dash > 6a > sj.c j.d dj.c j.214c > 5d 22c]

So when you learn a BnB, you should be able to figure out which attacks correspond to one of these five sections. For most characters, all other combos are just slight variations of the BnB depending on how you managed to land the first hit or whether you want to end in knockdown or max damage (i.e. replace 5b with the 6b overhead or replace 22c with super for more damage). Not that hard to learn with a little practice and getting used to the notation.

ah didn’t see your post

This this and this!!! Actually… I come from BB, GG, MvC, MvC2 and TvC games so I’m finding SF’s pace something out of this world. Which makes me a complete scrub/newb at it.
I keep getting owned by every player I find around here… =/
Could I ask for tips/advice on how to get into SF playing? Sorry if it sounds too vague but I can’t really pinpoint what’s the biggest problem right now.

Thanks in advance.

You’re thinking of Guilty Gear. I know they look similar, but they have completely different execution barriers. BB combos may look crazy, but a lot of the time they’re no harder than the SFIV combos you see in any tourny. GG fits your description however.