Blazblue: Damage without 20 plus hits

I duno, I think it depends on the person. I have a much easier time learning to do a 4-5 input combo with a 2-3 frame link than I do doing a BB BnB with 10 inputs and no links.

Play about 1000x slower. :lol:



Seriously though, I wouldn’t know the first place the start, why not make a nice detailed topic? :slight_smile:

Carl literally does up to 26,000 damage with three buttons and up forward. Does that fit your bill?

When jumping, remember that you can’t airdash, double jump, barrier guard, or air block. That was my biggest problem to overcome after having played alot of BB then returned to sf4. Which also means you can’t do things like a small hop off the ground, and hold back or barrier guard to block all sorts of mixup. Also like said earlier, slow your pacing down considerably, but also speed up your button pressing execution.

Telling someone to speed up their button pressing execution when they come from Marvel…lol

It may seem like BnB’s take a long time to learn, but once you actually get to playing they don’t take too long. Jin, Hakumen, and Nu are probably your best bets for easy combos. The real challenge, though, is the setups for the combos. I main Litchi and I have to make drastic changes in my combos, low or high level, depending on my precise location in the stage (and all for shit damage compared to some characters’ BnBs. But I digress).

Most fighting games have alot of similiar concepts. I think people coming from sf think bb is all about rushing and fat combos. You have to have good d in bb, imo defense is just as fun as offense in bb. Alot of characters have overheads that you can block if u have good d. This makes blocking mixups alot of fun actually. Ragna and Ryu are quite similar, they just go about it in different ways. Ragna zones with standing b and c which can both lead into combos. Ryu zones with fireballs which are just as effective. Ragnas anti airs are forward a and shoryu which both lead to combos. Ryu anti airs with shoryu which can lead to ultra, super or ex fireball.

Both games learning curves are about the same imo. Many sf4 characters have a 1 frame link or a combo like rsf or fff that are difficult. BB on the other hand has some longer combos that would take just as long to learn as 1 frame links.

OP if you 20 hit combos confuse you i dont think bb is the game for you. Just know that they are really not that hard. They are for the most part just as easy as alot of stuff in sf4.

easiest combo with decent damage in BB ct afaik is:


c-loop cancel 3rd hit with half meter 3hit overhead loop again…

lol its been forever since i played that game so… yeah i cant remember the move names… but that combo does good damage and can probably be done on the 1st - 3rd try… 1st hit beats all low attacks as well.


hakumen… dont need to explain that.

Arakune has throw into super.

SFIV combos feel harder than BB combos to me. BB combos are easy as hell. Abel’s combos took me awhile to get down and I still drop them sometimes. I would say GG>SF4>BB as far as difficulty of combos.

I find one frame links in SF4 way harder than anything in BB. Some FRKZ Bang combos are slightly annoying to do, but still, not that hard to do consistently.

For me BB combos are much easier than those required SF4. Litchi BnB doesn’t even compare to something like Viper’s FFF in my opinion, because there is almost no timing element involved (except maybe in the D, iad)*. I’m not trying to knock it, for me it’s very fun and fluid; but it’s not all that difficult. Now if the topic was about Marvel…

  • Just wondering, when people talk about the Litchi BnB their referring to: 5B -> 5C -> 3C -> D [iad] jC -> 236A etc, correct?