Blazblue European Facebook page

Hey guys can you help us by joining this Blazblue page please?

Note this is the official Facebook page dedicated to the European release of Blazblue:- Calamity Trigger.

‘Ooooh… we waited so long just for fucking Calamity Trigger!?’
‘What? CT? We want CS man. Glad I’ve imported it’
'Just fucking colours and more Unlimiteds… What?'
blah blah

Ok ok. I get it, why Calamity Trigger now when we’re in the era of Continuum Shift. Let’s be frank, it does take forever for games to be released in Europe. When Blazblue Calamity Trigger came out for consoles there wasn’t any Zen United or anything. Infact it was 505 Games who took ages to bring games to European shores. I mean Guilty Gear 2 this year? Come on man that’s waayy past the times.

Anyway Zen United is here now and as a fan of Arc System Works since the first Guilty Gear, I want their games to get more exposure. Zen United can provide this and they have heavy ties with ASW as a localization company. Therefore to make an entry into the European market Zen United is putting alot of effort in the European localization of Blazblue.

Even if it’s BBCT. I want Zen United to be successful as we can. The odds are really heavy for them and as a fan of ASW I want them to succeed.

It’s easy to slag them off and the like but by doing so you’re slagging off the chance for Continuum Shift and other ASW gems to be released more quickly in EU. Remember when CT came out for consoles these guys ain’t here to do the job. Now that they are let’s give them all we can just to give them the best chances for success.

I have links to PQube who is the publisher for Blazblue EU who has contact with Zen United. Any questions and the like please don’t hesitate to ask.

In the meantime, I will decorate the Facebook page with super exclusive content. :wink:

Tell me where else can you get this:-

Sketch for Noel’s Counter Assault (they even used Dead Angle Attack here)

great, looking forward to this finally for Xbox 360 (pal) and\or PC!

tbh i don’t even know why i am buying this for my 360.

no.2 is out in a couple of months for everybody else.

so whats with “new gameplay” and “new character(s)”? any infos?

Yawn… sure seems like blazbluken forever