Blazblue EX Matchmaking: The PS3 Edition


Saw a thread from about 2 years ago for the Xbox, figured I’d give us PS3 players some love since I didn’t see a thread like this already.

Pretty much the same as the SF3 Matchmaking thread I made. Post your info (Tag, location, main I guess if you want) if you’re interested in making some new sparring buddies or just throwing down some good ol’ matches. Gotta get prepped for Chrono Phantasma, right?

Pueblo, CO
Haku, Hazama, Relius



Estonia, EU
Total noob in this game and haven’t found a main yet. Will be trying out Noel.


Alright, I’ll add you when I get home.

If you’re new to this game, might I suggest some Ragna? Maybe even Tager? Noel doesn’t get that much respect due to the fact that she has an auto-chain drive spam basically, lmao.

Just a suggestion though.


I still like Noel. I tried out Hakumen, but I think I would need time to get used to his style. I play as Juri and Rolento, who seem to be hated in Street Fighter community, so I wouldn’t be really bothered by a character’s reputation. I just want to play as characters that I like. Might be trying out somebody else like Arakune, Mu or maybe Litchi. Isn’t Tager also hated by many online players? Don’t really play many grapplers, but I might give him a try.


By the way, if you’re from USA, wouldn’t that mean our matches will be laggy?


Tager is hated by the scrubs because they fail to realize that he isn’t overpowered, he’s just a really good grappler, and contrary to popular belief his advanced tactics do take some time to utilize expertly. Again, not trying to make you pick someone else. I’m just saying, Noel has a pretty easy learning curve and I just feel starting with pretty much ANY other character will help you learn the mechanics of the game better. It’s just my suggestion though, feel free to use whoever you feel most comfortable with. Hakumen is crazy fun though, I will say that.

In terms of the connection, it should be fine. I have a few friends in Europe who I play with regularly and the lag is still minimal. Keep in mind that Blazblue has a pretty great netcode (probably the best of any fighter I’ve ever played) and whatever lag that makes itself present usually diminishes substantially before the round starts.

Also, Juri is hated? I got the impression that most people around here loved her. She’s like, top tier in SFxT, isn’t she? :confused:


Some people think Juri is too overpowered, but she has horrible health and she has been nerfed in recent patches. She is popular, but scrubs seem to have trouble dealing with her.


I wouldn’t say Noel’s difficulty curve is any lower than Ragna’s, personally. Both have easy arse damage off common starters, and fancy stuff that they need to learn if they want to REALLY cash in on the damage.


For some reason you’ve decided to respond to 3 of my comments across 3 different threads about Noel, so I’ll just post my rebuttle across all of them I guess.

Noel has advanced tactics, obviously. Everyone in the game does. What grinds my gears about her is just how obnoxiously accessible she is. I mean, let’s face it. She pretty much has an auto-pilot drive that can auto-punish, auto-anti air, auto-mixup, ect ect. She may get a lot of damage decay but it’s just as easy to reset into another chain of auto-pilot attacks simply by mashing her drive, and **THAT’S **what pisses me off about her. I also believe this is a large amount of the reason as to why she’s not really a good character to pick as someone to use to get into this game.

Even though Ragna is almost just as easy to pick up and mash, he plays a totally different game. His drive isn’t mashable really, and there isn’t really an auto-pilot going on with him. His combos require a normal (albeit fairly easy) amount of input, and he’s just a better character in general to start with if you’re trying to learn the mechanic of the game. Noel just teaches you how to button mash.

And also, yes, I have played Noel. Extensively. It doesn’t change how I feel about her as a character.


I responded to all three of your threads because you basically went on an “I hate Noel, she’s easy, whine whine.” complaintfest.

I consider Ragna to be an EXTREMELY autopilot character. Just because his drive isn’t mashable (Mashing drive with Noel kills you at high levels unless you can predict which drive to use when.) doesn’t mean he doesn’t have tons of easy autopilot stuff.

And if you really think that Noel’s drive auto punishes, auto anti airs, or (HEH) auto-mixups then either… you are not very good at playing against her, or you just don’t understand how she works. For one thing, there’s basically no such thing as an “auto mixup” and you saying that just makes you look bad. How is it different when Noel does 2D > 6B or 6D than it is when Ragna does 5B > 2B or 6B? Both character’s mixup works the same way. “auto mixup” is essentially impossible unless the game RANDOMLY decided whether a move would be a high or a low. When you get right down to it, the -only- thing Noel’s drive does “for her” is autocorrect left or right, so you can’t jump over her and combo her in the back when she’s whiffing attacks in the wrong direction.

Note: I don’t even play Noel myself, but I have no problems beating Noel players who aren’t clearly better than I am. And I don’t even play a good character. You are letting your salt get the better of your judgement.


I never said I had a problem against her. Especially with the characters I main. You seem to misinterpret my distaste of the character with salt. The fact that I made 3 recent comments about her is merely coincidental.

Also, the fact that you would even remotely imply that Ragna is more auto-pilot than Noel just baffles me. I question whether or not you have even used the character. Regardless of how you try to twist it, and reference to the fact that she does indeed have advanced tactics, the fact of the matter is that she does have a lot of auto-pilot options that are very abuseable in some cases. Twisting the analog stick in circles and mashing Drive should not produce a well-placed and fairly intricate string of attacks, and it often DOES result in an unintentional mixup, regardless of what you may think. I’m sorry, but to me that just comes off as kind of ridiculous.

Again, I am not trying to beat this character into the ground. I’m not trying to argue that she is a totally unfair and overpowered character who should be banned or patched or some shit. I just feel like out of all the Blazblue cast, she is the most easily abuseable and I find it annoying when people resort to just spamming her drive. There are a lot of really good Noel players out there. But again, as I stated initially, I just feel that she isn’t one of the best characters to start with if you’re trying to get into the mechanics of the game.


The fact that one of them was completely out the blue and irrelevant smells of salt.

It might have something to do with the fact that she has no safe way to escape being punished after she does all that flailing around. Every single option she has for ending a drive string is punishable. Asserting that Noel’s drive is autopilot is like asserting that Inferno Divider is autopilot. It is strong, and can be “abused” but by itself is a death sentance.

Which is clearly why in the thread with the person asking “How do I get into BB? I’d like to play Makoto.” you said “Pick Noel. You’re welcome.” I find myself at a loss for how to explain this.


1.Whether or not it was relevant is relative.

2.You are doing nothing except repeating yourself.

3.It was a joke. An exaggeration. Obviously picking her isn’t a sure fire way to get good at this game. I figured you’d be able to use basic context clues.

I’m done arguing with a person who thinks my opinion is “wrong”. It provides no conversational sustenance.


So basically you came into the a thread with someone asking for legitimate advice and rather than give real advice, gave “advice” that you not only consider to be wrong, but which would actively make the game worse for yourself, as a “joke” with no emoticons, no disclaimer, or any hint at all that it was a joke. Way to encourage discussion sir.


I only own CT but I loved GGXX and just recently got into blazblue

PSNID: jumpnshootman
Main: Carl
Secondary: Litchi
Area: Midwest US (MN)

The best thing about this game is how awesome the community is. Every game I get wrecked in, I’ll ask a question to the winner and he’ll help me out immensely every time. Every game I win, people send me messages saying my carl/litchi is sick and they ask for pointers. We need more communities like this! Every game is a level up irl.


I don’t like the fact that the Vanilla Continuum Shift players can’t play with extended players online (Like SSF4 and SSF4AE players).


Funny, I’ve always had issues trying to play with SSFIV people from my AE…


Aye; AE isn’t backwards compatible either, AFAIK. Or rather, it is, but you have to basically tell it “I want to play super now” and it rolls everything back. I agree that the inability to ‘backdate’ Extend as you could in ‘vanilla’ CS is regrettable, but then, as far as I’m concerned, just about everything about Extend is regrettable.


Since I jus got bb cs (vanilla) I found there’s no one on… haha. So add me and ill be down to go a couple rounds. Milksinyomouth. I play lambda :slight_smile:


Same as my user, I only play on weekends, you gotta request it otherwise I probably won’t even bother looking for games, get me on AIM/Skype