Blazblue execution difficulty

hey, i was just wondering how difficult it is to perform combos in BB compared to say, trail mode combos

just got SF4 friday and have been playing rog but i have a hard time doing anything (consistently; during a match) but headbutt to ultra

For me it was much easier to perform combos in BB. It’s feels more lenient then SF4.

For some characters, like Jin or Ragna, the combos are fairly easy to pull off. For other characters, there is a high-degree of execution needed to pull off their big combos. For example, I recently decided to give Taokaka a try, and man have I gotten frustrated trying to pull off her taunt combos.

Hahaha, you actually disguised an SFIV question as an FGD thread?!

the only fighting games i’ve played in the last 10 years have been SC4 and SF4

SC4 is 3d and, with a few exceptions, execution is really easy

so naturally the only thing i imagine a comparison to is SF4…if people said, every combo is at least as hard as the most difficult hard trails i’d know to stay clear

:rofl: I thought “but head”, was a misspelling of “butt head”, which is weird now that I think of it, since it’s “headbutt”, but hey it’s late.
Anyway, looked to me like you were asking for help on an SFIV combo, whilst pretending this thread was about BlazBlue.

Carry on.

About the same, maybe slightly easier than SF4 overall. At the very least, it’s nice not having to worry about retarded shortcuts screwing you over.

They are completely different games.
SF4 focuses on things like footsies, block and punish, and zoning.
BB on the other hand is extremely fast paced and focuses more on rushing down, stringing combos and juggling.
Trying to compare the difficulty of combos in BB to SF4 is not easy… Just about every attack you make in BB is going to be some form of combo, and its pretty free form as far as they go. In that sense making combos in BB is quit easy, but not getting comboed by you opponent is alot harder. The other major difference is in BB a 10-15 hit combo (which is a very good non distortion drive combo) will only take like a quarter of your life or less, where in SF4… well there just arent 10-15 hit combos (if there was you would die from them)

I agree with most points in this thread.

But honestly, I can’t perform combos worth a crap in street fighter. BlazBlue, it’s not super-easy, but I can pull it off.

That and the shortcut system is not in there. Meaning better execution IMO.

This to the 10x degree

comparing apples to oranges really.

sf4 requires alot of motions and somewhat strict timing
bb requires mashing incorporated with a “meh” timing.

yes i play both games, and i hate both of them equally, so my opinion is not biased.

Go play some GOOD fighting games before posting in FGD, kthx.


There aren’t nearly as many links in BB as SFIV, so the timing is generally more lenient, it’s more about memorizing the long strings and knowing what can combo off of your random pokes.

Don’t bother. If you buy Blazblue you’ll just make another thread asking if KOF12’s combos are easier than Brazbru’s.


Lol OP is a sneaky bastard. You came in expecting another random BB thread and BAM, you’re hit with yet another SF4 ques in FG. Too good.

One of the most clever '09ners I’ve seen thus far.

In general, there are a lot more inputs, but timing requirements are less strict.

PS there’s a whole sub-forum for BlazBlue.

Do you have more difficulty with timing or doing long strings of various motions? SFIV has fairly strict timing with links, BB will have you doing a lot of different motions (jump canceling combos may throw you for a bit of a loop if you aren’t used to it).

Comparing average BnB combos in SF4 to Blazblue, the difficulty is about the same. However, if you’re just talking about hit count, it’s easier to do a given number of hits per combo in Blazblue than SF4. This is because there are more cancels, more juggles, and various other game mechanics that lend themselves to long combos.

“Difficult” combos in SF4 vs. Blazblue are about the same, execution wise, but for different reasons. In SF4 it’s usually the tight links that are hard. In Blazblue, links are much easier, but other things are difficult, like remembering the entire combo, hitting all the juggles, etc., or just being able to improvise something in the heat of battle with all of the extra game mechanics.

That having been said, if you’re having a hard time doing Boxer’s BnB combos (aside from headbutt -> ultra), I think you might be overwhelmed with the complexity of some of Blazblue’s combos. Of course, you could always just mash and get something… Just practice :slight_smile:

It’s not that uncommon to see 10+ hit combos from some characters. Gen and Seth in particular come to mind. Anyway, the damage scaling in SF4 would prevent longer combos from being that bad. That’s why, annoyingly, shortening a combo sometimes does more damage.