BlazBlue fans (can you watch more than 30 seconds?)



Are you going to enter the contest?

I really miss the days when only intelligent people could post videos on the web.

No, no I can not.

Greatest troll ever…

Successful troll is successful.

I forgot I was supposed to watch more than 30 seconds when I closed it on the first 15.

oh lord have mercy on her. wow that was horrible

Am I the only one who had the stomach to make it to the end?

6 seconds! Is that a record?

I closed out of the video pretty much on the frame that that girl appeared. I had had enough already.

When she said ROFL my browser crashed so I took that as a sign.

That Rachel image was good at least

Please let this be a troll. PLEASE.

So no one else saw the part about “the contest”?
I still get scared thinking I might win (even though I didnt enter?)

I watched the whole thing…and then wondered where this new type of “Trolling attention whore” came from…

There are no winners in THAT contest…

I want my soul back

lol pretty good


Reminds me of chad warden. 9/10

Watched 31 seconds just to prove I could…