Blazblue improved on the Guilty Gear engine

BB is more dynamic and requires more strategy because NOTHING is guaranteed. GG is an awesome game with incredible characters, but is kinda one-dimentional gameplay-wise. it was too offensive. to the point every character went for the same strategy:

rushdown - knockdown - 50/50 - repeat

you can do that in bb as well, but you aren’t guaranteed that position/situation. you have to read what they are gonna do instead(some people don’t like that).

I think people just like the idea that you can get away with a couple of tricks in gg and not WORRY about something taking that away from you. like how some people hate burst because they feel entittled to be able to do maximum damage EVERY time they do a combo(no counter strategy).


Just curious, what is the purpose of this thread?

I guess we’ll never know.