BlazBlue in NorCal

BlazBlue in Northern California!

Where are BlazBlue machines? Who plays it? What gatherings and tournaments are there for it? What else about BlazBlue? Post up!

You already know what it izzz!!!
First ranbat for this game on the 20th, ill be posting that up on srk shortly.

20 minutes away from each other, one is currently already set up at SVGL and the other will be at SJSU. The one on SVGL is currently set up on a full HD cab with sanwa sticks.

::drool:: HD cab w/ sanwa sticks ::drool::

how much is it to play???

it’s $0.50 per play, unless your name is Jeff, then it becomes $1.

and in case anyone hasn’t heard this yet - This game is fucking awesome!

I’ll be down on Sat with Jeff to check it out, with my handy dandy print out of the movelist of certain characters. At SVGL that is.

Oooh Shit great games to everyone at SVGL today, Jin’s a little too goddamn sexy for his own good.

Iron Tager too strong

I think that’s just against Noel, since I have to fight you at the range he’s best at.

@Negro Ninja - That’s why all the Jin players got taken off the sticks hella fast, amirite?!

Good shit to everyone that made it down to SVGL for BB today, this game is too good not to play. I seriously see nothing you can possibly complain about in this game.


Man me and Pat were runnin that shit, next time I’mma dead-angle all that Noel stuff, I’m a freakin idiot for letting it kill me on my last game x.x

DA all you want, that just means less ex fb zoning and more of Noel getting knee deep in that ass:lovin:

Arcsys game lol, tier whoring doesn’t mean winning!

More grudge matches next time man, tell me when you’re heading out to SVGL again. That shit was hella hype!

Once I stop listening to you assholes for telling me to throw a super while I’m in Golden Sonic Mode I’ll start winning :wgrin:. Probably not lol. I’d still try to throw that shit while in Golden Sonic just to see if I could win.

Anyway gg’s to all, now time to learn the combos.

Let me know what’s up Fred! I need to play this game now that I don’t live behind Mike’s apartment.

i saw this game at SVGL. I play it at AX 2008 in July. When the makers were there so the new game that they made. A lot of ppl really like the game.

i think i gotta check this bad boy out…

Hey does the SVGL cab have direct RCA outputs? Cause…I…got…a…plan…

omg American TRF. Most dangerous players as tagged by the Japanese…

Edit: Jeff your title is a lie, grabbing isn’t a combo:arazz:

:lol: this game looks great hopefully I find some time to play it. :wonder:

post of a soon to be player hopefully

LIES!!! tell that to clark in XI.

oh btw i just got done playing Blazblue tried every character wanted to pick up Rachel or Carl. Ended up using Iron Tagar, should of known i’d use a grapple character…i was mashing throws and getting a couple of wins in at SVGL…

his QCF+B and A is way to good …if they block can tick into command grab if they aren’t looking :rofl::rofl::rofl: Also like how majority of his moves have some kind of super-armor properties

i was sad that they didnt give his 360’s wake-up ability like Zangief’s 360’s

EDIT: OMG just read the first couple of sentence of Iron Tagar’s thread in dustloop…“Okay, Tager is seriously the best grappler ever made.
If you hold it, the 360 with A has invincibility!” aosifdnasofiawfejs;dfjasfl!