Blazblue is LAGGY!~


Does anybody else have this problem? Every time i want to play Blazblue online, EVERY SINGLE MATCH is VERY laggy. I can’t play online, but i want to get better! So yeah, does anybody else face this problem?


Check your ISP, also make sure you are NAT type 2. Also if you arent in the continental US that may also be contributing. Sounds like a you problem, because this game has a pretty solid netcode.


Well i live in Canada so that shouldn’t be such a big problem. Even when i plug my PS3 straight into my modem i still can never find a match with a good connection. Usually when i see a match with a good connection i cant join it, even though it says the room only has one person in it.


i live in brazil and lag/distance relation on this game is a bit hazy
and i have played some people from canada with no noticabe lag.

check your isp and the NAT settings on the ps3.


If are continuing to have problems I highly recommend the technical talk section on this website or #srktt on This is 100% a you issue, not a blazblue issue.