Blazblue Lag From Australia = UNPLAYABLE

Blazblue Lag From Australia UNPLAYABLE
1-2 frames a second, 350-500ms latency.


Blazblue Calamity Trigger.

all fighting games lag this much, how can u guys bear with it?

Well, you might have better luck getting matches against people with who you have a decent connection if you’re not playing a version of the game that’s nearly three years and three revisions out of date?

nah its all geological, its cause of where we live, the latency between tasmania and america. there is no netcode that can fix that. therefore ill never play fighters online EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

as if playing a really oudated version of the game that more than probable doesnt have enough people playing it, you are skipping the introduction, wich is the part where the game syncs you with the other player

yea i think i did skip the intro lol, and goodluck playing SF3 3rd strike on that… doubt its even possible lol 5ms of lag and ur combo wont come out., TIP TO SELF; move to america

Well, the point was that if you were playing the CURRENT version of the game, the odds of there being someone closer to you who is playing the same version of the game is significantly better than the odds of there being someone playing CT who is close to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s your latency to the Philippenes? I gather they have a bit of a BB scene, but I promise you they’re not playing CT.

Phillipines ping test:


Haha. Okay, well, try for Australia then. :stuck_out_tongue: