Blazblue Limited 360 FightStick #0001/1500 - I just received it!

I’ve only lurked here so far, but felt an urge to finally join in to share this.

During Aksys Games’ sale to give all money spent to Tsunami/Earthquake relief in Japan, I ordered the Blazblue Limited Edition Fightstick for 360.

The day I received it, I remembered that I read that 1500 were produced for each console, and they were numbered 0001-1500, so I checked and see:

I thought it was neat, (and one of my coworkers insists I could try to sell it for a lot more than I paid :P) but am mostly just excited to upgrade from the cheap Hori stick I was using!

Man, that is cool!
I wonder who has 1500/1500.


Go buy a Lotto ticket.

Hah, nice! I have #0032.

Cool! Now rip that bitch open and mod the *#@% out of it! = p

LOL. very nice. pretty slick

Very cool! :woot:

dude i would put that back in and never use it. thats the rarest one. mines 824/1500 ps3

Wonder who has the 0666/1500.

It’s the start of the production line, but it’s no more rare than any of the others.

Pretty nifty find!

I feel the first produced and sold is worth more then #1500 or #0032.
But people make the worth of objects but I love sticks.

I’d keep it in the box and simply buy another stick.

haha They’re individually numbered. There’s no rarest one. I get what you mean though.

Ha, that’s amazing. Congrats on your purchase.

I’ve got a significant other, so I had to make a case for buying this one in the first place. The only way I would not use it and buy a new one is if someone bought this one from me for at least double price. Otherwise, I’m happy to have this one, think it’s really cool that it’s # 0001, but won’t let that stop me from enjoying it (though I haven’t really used it yet save for 2-3 quick MvC3 matches.

I do think it being 0001/1500 will make me want to avoid modding it, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I would avoid modding it, too :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re gonna use it as your primary stick, make sure to take a lot of photographs of your brand new, first produced-ever stick

that’s a sweet purchase!

I’ll trade you mines for it. LOL its modded with LEDs Arc Eyes and a toodles fgwidget. Plexi etc. …

everyone is just as rare–only one person has one of each # lol

Keep it in good nick, then give it to your kids :).