BlazBlue: Noel Strategy Question

Gotcha - We all have our noob moments. Suggestions noted.

Yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuu should copy that and put it in the Blazblue forum, before you get jacked for posting in the wrong forum. HURRY

look around next time…

edit: rofl everyone jumped on this

I think your Mash D Princess is in another castle.

Wrong section. There’s a Blazblue section on the site y’know. Also the cancel you’re talking about is her 6C throw loop, where you cancel Noel’s 6C with a whiffed throw so you can do another 6C/combo more.

Edit: Jeez you people are fast

Shoryuken: Forums Strategy Question

Hello Kuroishi,

You will be delighted to find that we have a subsection specifically for BlazBlue. A link to it can be found by scrolling about halfway down the main forum page. I’ll put it here as well for maximum convenience!! :smile:

Wait how did i get beat so many times in like a minute

You picked Noel? You already lost.

i think this is a perfect time to unveil my recent work…

is noel a metal slug character

Best quote EVER! :rofl:

I have to admit, it is pretty clever.