Blazblue online ranking battles for European players

Hi everyone !

We are a french team which organises Street Fighter 4 ( X box 360 ) online ranking battles since almost three months. There is actually much success and we would like to extend our activity to European players but this time, for a game which is not released in Europe : Blazblue.

Our website is actually just written in french but we plan to translate it into english if we can bring together foreign players enough to make the ranking battles be interested.

We would like to create a little BB community and believe it is playable as it has a rather good netcode so, if you are interested in playing such ranking battles, perhaps you would be kind enough to post a short message above to let us know ?

We thank you very much !

-Battle Arena team

Je serais intress en savoir plus, compte tenu que vous acceptiez des non-Euros. Poste ton link, pis j’verai d’quoi a l’air votre affaire.

By ranking battles, do you mean a tournament or a league? I’m interested if it’s a tournament.

I’m mainly just interested in getting more European BB players on my friends list. This sounds cool too, though.

I am on 360


Hi ! It is a tournament that would last about one hour ( our SF4 tournaments for instance, take place every sunday evening and last approximately on hour with 16 players ) and once a week.

We posted on several sites and it seems that some Blazblue players ( french and foreigners ) would be also interested in participating. In fact, everything is ready to make a try but we want to make sure enough players would be willing to attend the event.

best regards from France

I’d recomend posting this on forums.

Lot’s of UK/Euro players who’d be interested in this :tup:

Thanx Mcfightman :slight_smile:

Sounds fine! But this will be on PS3, right?!
Hope that the little european 360 community start something similar :slight_smile:

Btw. I play on xbl (in Europe)! You can add me, if you want