Blazblue Online Tourney Friday July 10th


I’ll be holding a Blazblue tournament online (obviously) on July 10th at 8pm EST. Because I’m not sure of how many people will or will not be playing I’ll be capping this tournament at 32 people and if this goes well I’ll increase it.

I also know it’s short notice but I want to see how this goes. If the players want I will also keep track of who wins and with what character(s). Hopefully I can make this a bi-weekly thing since the netcode seems to be good enough to play with and have fun without too many problems. Will also be able to record if wanted and we can have people spectate which is always fun!

Post here, contact me on AIM (xxkaminaxx), or XBL (NinjaCW) if you want to be added. I have already talked to a few people. If any questions or concerns just toss them in this thread as I will check them as I get off of work

Rules : 2 of 3 rounds, 99 seconds, 2 of 3 matches (regular bracket), 3 of 5 matches (winners, losers, and grand finals). No characters banned, no unlimited characters, no easy specials on, no gaming breaking glitches, winner stays with his/her character; loser can switch if he/she wants.

Let me know if any of this is wrong and I’ll get it changed

In case no one noticed this tournament is for X360 users only seeing that I do not have a PS3. If someone wants to step up and run the tourney for PS3 users be my guest :slight_smile:

  1. NinjaCW
  2. Truehood
  3. xSoSickNashFanx
  4. xDanteDMC3x
  5. Majin Kimimaro
  6. Black Mamba
  7. EscapingJail IP
  8. | b4llz |
  9. ol Helel lo
  10. mysticCubistic
  11. Sileighy
  12. kElso712
  13. Rudebwoy64
  14. Butters266
  15. SweetPhiI
  16. spoonztt
  17. Z Shenak0om
  18. rixxen
  19. zerohour20XX
  20. xenwall
  21. Gouki Grif
  22. Brotovarious
  23. Squishy5
  24. JustOwnin
  25. I definexevilx
  26. Gill Hustle 617
  27. Vanity Assassin
  28. Brightgamer
  29. JustSurrenderX
  30. TalesOfDawn
  31. aaaa120
  32. p00pdogg101

Waiting List:
Boss F1ght
Tonic Jr
Blackberry Chaos
CDN The 3rd
Sure You Can


Sounds like fun. I’ll play!


I wish I could make this one, but alas. Try again another time!


This sounds awesome, depending on if i find a job and start working or not im down lol


I’m in it to win it.
Let’s get some BlazBlueBattlez on.

I know it’s very unlikely but: what about disconnects? Do you restart match if it’s a one time thing ?

Also, what the entrance fee ? If there’s cash prizes. Even if there isn’t, I’m still down to put on my tap dancing shoes.


Sure, count me in.


I’ll do it.


Count me in as well. All the good players need a good stepping stone out of the first round. I’m your man for that. ^.~


Ill join, but I may be late. Work never gives me a set time off.


You ganna disable astral heat too right?


Great idea! Count me in too! I’ll hit you up on xbl as well.


sounds like fun, I’m in


I haven’t seen anywhere that Astral Finishes are banned in anyway so I kept them in. If you can show me proof somewhere that they are indeed banned I’ll take them out.

Also there is no entrance fee or prize but if players want I can keep track of who wins and with what character.

Also to make this as simple as possible just send me a “message” this way I can see when you’re online, send you invs, and party chats much easier. I also don’t have to keep trying to make room on my FL this way :stuck_out_tongue:

Also concerning DC’s if it happens once and you believe the person didn’t do on purpose you can re-try the match. However if you was up a round they must at least give you back that round as you won it before the DC. I doubt anyone will be cheating and if so it would most likely be lag but this is why there are spectators!

Also I’ll record the finals and post them up for people to see if yall want.


Never said to ban it. Really, I can care less either way. Though, if you want to play arcade style, the arcade version didn’t use astral heat (besides a few chars that did have it). =]


Put me in there.

I think I have you added on XBL already, maybe not, but I know I did some time ago.


Oh I see well I left them in cause I like yourself don’t really care for them either so I doubt it’s a problem. Thanks for clearing up for me!


I’ll join if I can. No promises though. GT is TalesofDawn.


This sounds pretty interesting . . . though I don’t really know how I will fare let me in. XBL name is Brotovarious.


wrong section, but since people have seen it here I’ll leave this one here. Next time use the 360 section for anything like this. Thanks :smiley:


I guess I’ll sign up for the hell of it. Gamertag is in the usual spot.